• A jogger found a bag containing what appeared to be a hand grenade
  • Authorities learned that it was a grenade-shaped sex toy made out of rubber
  • It came with two unused condoms, an empty lube bottle and a USB cable

Authorities responding to a suspected bomb in a wooded area in the German state of Bavaria Monday made an awkward discovery: The grenade-shaped object was actually a sex toy.

A woman who was jogging in the forest outside the city of Passau, near Germany's border with Austria and the Czech Republic, found a clear bag containing what she suspected to be a hand grenade and informed authorities.

A team of explosives experts arrived at the site and inspected the bag's contents, only to find out that the object was just a grenade replica made out of rubber.

"After careful examination of the bag's contents, the officers quickly realised that it was a rubber dummy," Hauzenberg Police said in a news release as per BBC News.

Authorities also found two unused condoms, an empty bottle of lubricant and a USB cable along with the object in question.

After running an internet search, officers learned that "there really are sex toys modelled on hand grenades," BBC News said in a report, citing the news release.

Police said the bag had been there for quite some time and was already decomposing. Authorities have since disposed of the items, CNN said in a report.

Police said the bag's owner must have intended to get rid of the bag and dumped it in the forest instead of a garbage can. "How they came to be there and why they remained there can only be imagined," the police statement added.

Several abandoned ammunitions linked to the WWII period have been found in Germany since 1975, prompting mass evacuations. In June 2019, an abandoned WWII bomb went off near a cornfield in Limburg and the powerful impact of the blast created a crater that was 33 feet wide and 13 feet deep. Authorities determined that the bomb, weighing about 552 pounds, had been dropped onto the field by an airplane when the Allied powers were bombing the area during the war.

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A Russian man has died after he pulled the pin out of a hand grenade and posted photographs of himself holding it, Nov. 28. In this photo, a member of TEDAX-NRBQ (Technician Specialist in Deactivation of Explosive Artifacts) shows a hand-grenade of the Spanish civil war before proceeding to its destruction in Barcelona, Spain, Jan. 13. Getty Images