Details for Marvel’s Phase Three have reportedly leaked. Latino-Review claims to have spoilers for “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Captain America: Civil War,” “Thor: Ragnarok” and both parts of “Avengers: Infinity War.” These rumors haven’t been confirmed, but they’re worth reading. Some of them also fit with comments from filmmakers or with the comic books:

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” – The film will introduce a new group of Avengers, and Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) will lead them. This isn’t a far stretch. In fact, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously said, “the roster is altered by the finale of this film.”

“Thor: Ragnarok” – The third “Thor” title will leave Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in a “galactic prison” after he kills and resurrects many Asgardians. This rumor doesn’t seem to be supported by any comic book mythology or recent hints from filmmakers.

“Captain America: Civil War” – In the third “Captain America” film, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) is revealed as Howard Stark’s murderer. This leads Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) to fight Captain America, but Tony is “discouraged.” Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) will be introduced before Crossbones (Frank Grillo) kills Captain America ... leaving Steve Rogers dead at the end of this film. This fits with the comic book mythology. After Steve’s death in the comics, Bucky took on his Captain America identity. Other versions include Jeff Mace or William Nasland in the role (neither of whom have been introduced in films yet).

“Avengers: Infinity War Part 1” – Captain America and Thor will sit out Part 1. Latino-Review claims that Spider-Man, a Sony property, will be in the film along with a new lineup of Avengers. Obviously, Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) are most likely to be in the new lineup since they’ll be introduced in “Age of Ultron,” but it's not confirmed -- and neither is Spider-Man. This rumor might not be legit since Sony denied the claim.

“A Sony Pictures representative dismissed the report, calling it an ‘old rumor’ with ‘no validity whatsoever,’” Comic Book Resources reports. The Spider-Man rumor has been circulating heavily since the leaked Sony emails. However, Marvel movies are known for being secretive, so a denial might not necessarily mean that it isn’t happening.

“Avengers: Infinity War Part 2” – There isn’t much about this film in the report, but there is one piece of information: the original Avengers come back. While a one-movie absence may not sound like much, keep in mind that the May 2015 release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will be the last time you see the original team all together. This film won’t come out until May 2019. While this sounds awesome, there isn’t any evidence to prove this one way or the other.

Do you think these reports seem legitimate, or is it pure speculation? Are these things you would want to see in the films? Sound off in the comments section below!