While it may not be on par with news about fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, the newly announced Avril Lavigne-Chad Kroeger engagement has fans excitied on both sides of the border. The news, which broke Tuesday when Lavigne tweeted a picture of a big ring on her finger, might be the Canadian equivalent of when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began their relationship; MTV has already dubbed the couple "Chadvril." Canadians will be even more proud now that video has surfaced of a young Avril playing hockey as a child.

Although the video was added in 2006, it's being discussed now simply because of how stereotypically Canadian it is. For better or worse, when most Americans think of Canada hockey, is probably one of the first things that comes to mind along with maple syrup and the red maple leaf flag.

The video, which clocks in at almost 90 seconds, is a short compilation of Lavigne carrying the puck up and down the ice and even getting into a scuffle with a goalie on an opposing team. Parents in the stands can be heard cheering the future pop star as she skates to the penalty box. Based on the play of others in the game, the "Complicated" singer looks to be a quick skater who is strong on her feet and doesn't shy away from controlling the puck.

Another video (you can watch both below) depicts an older Lavigne playing hockey with her bandmates and even her father in a scrimmage. Lavigne is a smaller player than most of the other skaters, but an opponent describes her as a fierce body-checker along the boards and one of the better players in the game.

Between her hockey career and engagement to the Nickelback frontman, Lavigne was married to Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley (who also hails from the Great White North), according to the Los Angeles Times. She has been in a relationship with Kroeger for about six months. The two met while collaborating on songs for her upcoming album.

Lavigne, who is 27 years old to Kroeger's 37, first came into the public eye in 2002 when she released her debut album "Let It Go," featuring the hit single "Sk8er Boi." At the time she gained notoriety because her music was a slight contrast to that of bubblegum darlings like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.