An “awkward” portrait of Kate Middleton, which was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in London on Friday, is being ridiculed by the Twittering masses. The unpleasant looking painting is not only hazy, it also makes the 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge appear much older than she is.

Painted by South African artist Paul Emsley, it has sparked a slew of amusing Twitter reactions.

"Kate Middleton's new portrait looks like that creepy painting from hell that can stare into your soul in ‘Ghostbusters 2,’" ‏@mojorojo tweeted. 

”In a more enlightened age, whoever did that execrable painting of Kate Middleton would be publicly flogged,” @acoyne joked.

“Kate Middleton's official portrait is the Prince Harry's Nazi costume of official portraits, @bruce_arthur concluded.

@MrAndyboy drew an inevitable comparison between Cecilia Gimenez’s infamous “restoration” of a 19th-century Jesus Fresco. “Fear not Kate Middleton painting haters, I have fixed the issue,” he said in a post containing the below photo.


Despite how bad people think this painting is, we found five portraits that are comparatively worse.

5) Justin Bieber, by Dan Lacey (


4) Mary Todd Lincoln, by Frank B. Oldfield (Museum of Bad Art)


3) Elvis, by Zerrin Koch (Museum of Bad Art)


2) Barck Obama (


1) Joan Crawford, by Matt Snyder (Museum of Bad Art)