That Awkward Game Show
Jeff Dye hosts “That Awkward Game Show,” premiering on Spike on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 10 p.m. ET. Spike

Would you come clean about your sex life to your parents … on national TV? That’s just one of the awkward situations that plays out on Spike’s new series, “That Awkward Game Show.”

Comedian Jeff Dye hosts the game show , which is a first for the network . Each episode features three competing teams, consisting of one parent and their adult child. With money on the line, each team must guess the “horrific truths about each other.” But, of course, most of the truths deal with uncomfortable or outrageous scenarios … like getting a certain body part stuck in a bowling ball or puking in an Uber.

The interaction between the contestants makes “That Awkward Game Show” an amusing hour of television, and Dye is there to somehow make things even MORE awkward. Coming off of NBC’s summer comedy “Better Late Than Never” — which Dye starred on alongside Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman — the comedian is on top of his game with funny jabs that will leave viewers laughing out loud.

Watch an interview with Jeff Dye above and catch “That Awkward Game Show” when it premieres on Spike on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 10 p.m. ET.