AXIA project can help unlock untapped value from countless industries and verticals. Axia

After years of development, AXIA Coin, a unique blockchain-powered financial services application, has announced its launch. Using smart contract technology, AXIA says it brings inclusivity, stability, transparency, and security to money in a way never achieved before by gold, fiat currency, or any other historical medium of exchange. As such, AXIA Coin and the AXIA Ecosystem is nothing short of revolutionary.

Fiat currencies can be printed by the currency’s issuing authority, usually a central bank. This can lead to exclusion at the discretion of the issuer, unrestrained printing of funds, and fiscal volatility. As such, fiscal currencies have long been recognized as a very imperfect form of money. However, other forms of money that are used to facilitate exchange – including precious metals such as gold and digital/crypto tokens that are created using mining protocols – exhibit many of the same shortcomings.

By introducing the AXIA Coin, the project team aims to provide people around the globe with the benefits of fiat currencies without any of its drawbacks, combined with the decentralized, smart contract-powered decision-making and execution that renders the AXIA ecosystem free from manipulation, fraud, and censorship.

Furthermore, AXIA Coin’s tokenomics addresses the issue of volatility and value by only creating AXIA coins and transferring value to network participants when real value is generated or transferred. This approach allows AXIA Coin to function as a cryptographic store of value, a transfer of value, and a safe haven for assets while avoiding the speculation, volatility, censorship, and arbitrary backing that plague fiat currencies and many payments-focused crypto projects.

By encouraging and facilitating the creation and exchange of value, the AXIA project can help unlock untapped value from countless industries and verticals. It lowers the cost of participation in modern, decentralized financial networks, helps encourage trade and exchange, and opens new markets, with a snowball effect of bringing markets, producers, consumers, and other participants in trade closer than ever before.

Axia invites readers to join the new financial revolution and to learn more about the project at