• Urara and Maruo will explore more of Kabukicho
  • "Ayashimon" Chapter 4 is coming out this Sunday
  • The chapter will release online on Manga Plus and Viz

The search for an office in Kabukicho continues after Maruo Kaido destroys a yokai, named Inokuma Nyudo. "Ayashimon" Chapter 4 is expected to showcase Maruo and Urara still looking for a suitable place to kickstart their operations.

Maruo's actions seem to have derailed Urara's attempt to quickly grab a base for their operations in Kabukicho. He disregards Urara's instructions about fighting in the ritual and engages with a yokai.

It will be interesting to see how Urara and Maruo find their way through the chaotic world of Kabukicho in "Ayashimon" Chapter 4.

In the previous chapter, Urara told Maruo that Kabukicho was a dangerous place and he must not wander off. He was annoyed and told her he was old enough to deal with anything.

However, as soon as he saw the entrance of Kabukicho, his jaw dropped as he compared it to Disneyland. Urara asked him to follow her and said she will show her the thrilling parts of the place.

She explained how Kabukicho is a feeding zone, adding that the police turn a blind eye to deaths there. She said humans fall prey to the cunning tricks of powerful Ayashimon.

Urara told him they need a base to operate in order to gain respect in the area. She decided to find a low-ranked group like phones scammers and steal their office.

Later, they found their target and Urara planned to follow him. She wanted to take out his gang and then take control of his office. However, Maruo improvised and intervened in a battle featuring a weaker Ayashimon and a yokai.

The yokai, Inokuma, challenged Maruo. He attacked with a powerful punch and Maruo was excited to face him. At this point, Inokuma was fuming and he launched his Yojutsu Karakusa Blaze at the opponent.

All this was hyping up Maruo and he thought he was on his way to becoming a true manga protagonist. Toward the end of the chapter, even Maruo came up with his own move name. Unfortunately, before he could even complete the name of his move, he destroyed Inokuma.

The "Ayashimon" manga is created by Yuji Kaku of "Hell's Paradise." 

"Ayashimon" Chapter 4 is scheduled for release this Sunday. The chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz

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