Azealia Banks has canceled her show in Australia as she recalled a bad experience she had while performing in the country.

The rapper was scheduled to perform at The Tivoli theater in Brisbane on Tuesday but she backed out of the show. The show's promoter, Point Productions, announced all ticket-holders will be refunded.

This comes after Banks' Melbourne concert, which was scheduled for last Saturday, was postponed hours before she was scheduled to take the stage due to visa issues.

"I'm so sorry you guys, actually I'm not sorry. But listen, last time I was in Brisbane and y'all threw s**t on the stage and damn near almost f**king hit me in the face with a f**king bottle of soda or whatever that s**t was," the "212" artist said in a now-deleted Instagram video Tuesday. "That was the most like racist, most f**king demoralizing experience of my f**king life and right now I'm really on a good track."

In 2015, Banks performed at the "Splendour in the Grass," an annual music festival in the beach town of Byron Bay in New South Wales. At the time, a radio broadcaster from Brisbane congratulated the underground rapper for "completing her first-ever full Australian concert." Banks snapped back at the broadcaster and said Australian audiences ewre "terrible," "violent" and "belligerent."

"You guys are terrible crowds to play for. You're violent and belligerent and I simply ... will not put my safety at risk. I would've walked off stage had someone thrown something. Plus you guys are too far away and honestly, the show guarantees are never really worth the trip," the "Problem" singer said in a 2015 tweet, reported the Guardian.

She was referring to a 2013 incident when she left the stage after some people threw beer cans at her during the "Listen Out" festival in Melbourne.

The "Black Widow" singer vowed never to return to the country after experiencing the "most racist" experience of her life.

"I am a beautiful black woman and I am not going to get in front of some audience of white people for them to be throwing s**t at me. I am so not sorry. I am not sorry at all. Brisbane, y'all are just going to have to take the L and smoke it," she said in her deleted Instagram video.

However, Point Productions announced Wednesday that Banks' Melbourne show will happen at the Timber Yard on Sunday. The show promoter promised supporters that it is "going to be an epic show."

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