• Woman fed the child soon after she was poisoned by her estranged husband
  • The man drove them to forest and buried them
  • He confessed to poisoning the woman but said the baby's death was an accident

A baby boy died after he drank the breastmilk of his mother who was poisoned by her estranged husband. The incident took place in Brazil.

The 34-year-old unnamed man poisoned 36-year-old Josieli Lopes with a piece of meat. Soon after, the woman fed the baby. Instead of taking them to the hospital, the man drove them to a forest. Upon confirming that the mother-son duo was dead, the man buried their bodies in the forest, 7News reported.

Using Lopes’ phone, the man sent messages to her family stating that she was moving to a new location. Suspicions rose when her phone was not reachable when they called back. The family members then filed a missing complaint.

During the investigation, the accused was called for questioning. On Tuesday, he confessed to poisoning his estranged wife. He, however, told the investigators that the baby’s death was accidental as he didn’t know that the poison could be transferred to the child through her breastmilk. He then took the police to the forest in Rio dos Cedros, Santa Catarina, and showed the place where the two were buried. The bodies were recovered from the forest.

Meanwhile, upon further questioning, the accused said he poisoned the woman after finding out that she had another lover, Yahoo News Australia reported.

He has since been taken into custody. Investigation into the incident was ongoing and the charges levied against him were not known.

The incident comes two years after a woman in Indiana tried to kill her infant niece with poisoned breast milk. The woman, identified as 19-year-old Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda, attempted to kill the 11-week-old baby by putting pain relief medication in a bottle of breast milk. She was arrested and charged with attempted murder. During the investigation, she revealed that she was upset about sharing her home with her brother’s family. She was later sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Representational image Photo by Pixabay (CC0)