Police in Minnesota have ruled the death of an 11-day-old baby as a homicide, according to Thursday reports. The infant, named Cassius Charles Ironheart-Proell, died at Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital after suffering fatal injuries Jan. 18.

Authorities have yet to release details regarding the child’s injuries, but Police Chief Adam Christopher said officials were called to the hospital shortly after the baby was brought to the emergency room by family members in January. The nature of his injuries was enough to prompt an investigation.

“Rescue attempts were made by medical staff, but unfortunately the baby was pronounced dead,” Christopher said.

Christopher did confirm that the child received the injuries at his home where he lived with his mother in Montevideo, which is about 130 miles from Minneapolis. No arrests have been made. However, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents have teamed up with Montevideo police on the investigation.

The little boy was born Jan. 7 to parents Demi Smith and Adam Proell, according to his online obituary. He was the family’s only child, the police chief said.

Police had not listed any suspects at this time.

Laura Proell, the boy’s grandmother and mother of Adam Proell, told Minnesota’s Star Tribune that the family was unaware of exactly how the baby received the fatal injuries.

“I know absolutely nothing,” she said. “None of us do.”

Although Laura Proell said the family was still heartbroken over the infant’s death, she noted that her son was “doing all right.”

She added: “It’s not a good time for any of us.”

Recently in Minneapolis, a man was charged with the death of his 4-month old daughter. The baby girl was assaulted and died from her injuries while she was in her father’s care back in August, according to police reports.