It’s that time of the season for hometown dates on “The Bachelor.” With four women left fighting for Juan Pablo’s heart, the 32-year-old single dad will be traveling across the country to meet their families. And while the bachelorettes have fallen for the Latino heartthrob, the question up in the air is whether their families will feel the same.


Juan Pablo will kick off hometowns in episode 8 by traveling to Nikki’s home in Kansas City, Mo. Before the big introduction to her family, the blonde bachelorette will have a chance to show JP around town -- and even put his “cowboy skills to the test.” Challenging him to ride a mechanical bull, Nikki’s feelings for Juan Pablo will grow when she sees how at ease he is in her world. And as a bonus, her family definitely approves when they meet the easy-going and handsome single dad. The only problem is that Nikki is struggling to find the words to tell the bachelor how she feels.


After visiting with Nikki in Missouri, Juan Pablo will be heading to Atlanta to see Andi. And this visit is particularly special because Andi landed the episode 7 group date rose that secured her spot in hometowns. The pair will enter Andi’s world by heading to a shooting range for target practice, but Juan Pablo will become the target when he goes to meet her family. According to the synopsis, Andi’s dad “peppers him in a blunt cross examination,”which could potentially doom Andi and JP’s relationship.


Moving on from Atlanta, Juan Pablo will head to Sarasota, Fla., to not only see Renee, but to meet her eight-year-old son, Ben. Embracing their connection as single parents, Renee will take JP to watch Ben’s Little League. But can Juan Pablo picture himself as Ben’s stepfather? The bachelor will be pondering that big choice as he meets Renee’s parents.


Juan Pablo’s last stop for hometowns will be Sacramento, Calif., to meet Clare’s family. While there, he’ll take a look into the bachelorette’s past when she shares “heartbreaking memories of her late father.” And while they’ll connect over a “rare, intimate moment of vulnerability and sensitivity,” the pair will hit a bump when one of Clare’s family members doesn’t approve of the relationship.

After meeting the four families, Juan Pablo will have a difficult decision to make back in Miami. Only three women will move onto St. Lucian -- so who will get their heart broken in the rose ceremony? “Bachelor” fans will have to wait and see when the ABC series airs a special two-night event starting on Monday, Feb. 24, and continuing on Tuesday, Feb. 25.