Ready for the 2015 season of “The Bachelor”? Chris Soules is! The 33-year-old Iowa farmer is returning to ABC to continue his search for love. While things didn’t work out for him and Andi Dorfman during “The Bachelorette,” the handsome single guy has a record 30 women ready to battle it out for his heart.

All the contestants are gorgeous and allegedly single and ready to mingle … but things on “The Bachelor” tend to get a little crazy. With the recently release photos and bios for the Season 19 cast members, we’re breaking down the most hilariously ridiculous things that the gals admitted:

1. Reegan

Watch out for this one, Chris Soules. Reegan, 28, is a “cadaver tissue saleswoman.” We’re not even sure what that means … and don’t really want to know.

2. Trina

Trina, 33, can’t even write the word “diarrhea.” When asked what her “biggest date fear” is, the special education teacher revealed, “eating something that give me ‘di-di.’”

3. Kelsey

Kelsey, 28, really wants to get inside the mind of her future spouse. The guidance counselor explained that if she could be anyone for just one day she would be her future husband so that she could “truly know the person and his experience in life.” While that sounded sweet, she took it to the next level be revealing: “Then when I ask, ‘Honey, how was your day?’ I’d have a better idea.”

4. Kara

Kara, 25, appears to be on the same wavelength as Kelsey. The high school soccer coach would also be her future husband for the day so she could “know who he is, what he’s like and what goes on in his hand.” Most likely to give Chris Soules a lobotomy?

5. Tara

Tara of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, may be the wild card of the group. The 26-year-old’s occupation is listed as “sport fishing enthusiast.” She essentially “stole” her twin sister’s identity and traveled abroad, and can’t live without “beave” … the stuffed animal beaver that she has had “since birth.”

6. Carly

Carly’s occupation might beat Tara’s. The 29-year-old is a cruise ship singer who once had to be a “pirate watcher from midnight to 4am” while in the Red Sea.

7. Jillian

Does Jillian know that she’s going to be wooing a farmer? The 28-year-old news producer says that she would be “very happy” if she had had to “mow the lawn.”

8. Nicole

Real estate agent Nicole is throwing it all out there. To the 31-year-old, marriage means having a “partnership,” being able to “have each other’s back in everything” … and “to have a best friend you want to jump in the sack with.” Get it, girl.

9. Megan

Megan’s bio might be a warning for the bachelor. The 24-year-old Nashville make-up artist revealed that her “worst date memory” was getting too drunk on New Year’s and throwing up in her purse.

10. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn, 30, is a dance instructor … but it sounds like she may have missed out on her calling to be a pirate. She dished that if she won the lottery she would “buy an island and make it into a land of pirates.” So, what is the name that Kaitlyn envisions for her imaginary island of pirates? “Yarrrland.”

11. Jordan

“Bachelor” contestants beware – Jordan has a game plan to impress Chris Soules. The 24-year-old student said that her trick to impressing a man would be to “give him a sexy dance because it would turn him on and hopefully lead to more.”

“The Bachelor” with Chris Soules will premiere on ABC on Jan. 5.