Get ready for Chris Soules to makes his way into your heart – if he hasn’t already, of course. January may be a couple months away, but ABC has released a new promo photo for Season 19 of “The Bachelor” that will have fans of the reality show swooning.

“Traditional. Classic. All-American,” reads the caption for the brand new “Bachelor” poster. In the photo Chris can be seen rocking a navy suit with a blue checkered tie as he casually leans against a red barn door. The new “Bachelor” star doesn’t have a single rose on him – but he does have a half-smile that is bound to make viewers fall head over heels.

For those unfamiliar with Chris Soules, America fell in love with the 32-year-old when he joined “The Bachelorette” to fight for Andi Dorfman’s heart. Unfortunately things didn’t work out between Chris and Andi. Despite the bachelorette falling in love with Chris’s family during hometown dates, the fact that he lived in Iowa and worked on his family’s farm made her nervous about their future. An assistant district attorney from Georgia, Andi couldn’t picture her life in a rural area.

Chris made it to the final three, but things fell apart during the “fantasy suite” round. While Andi extended the invitation to Josh Murray and Nick Viall, she ultimately realized that her relationship with Chris hadn’t progressed as far as the other two contestants. After horseback riding in the Dominican Republic countryside, the pair returned to the hotel to round out their date. It was there that the two discussed their future and making sacrifices. Although Chris was willing to compromise in order to make their relationship work, Andi told him that the “foundation” between them wasn’t there.

Andi eliminated Chris prior to the rose ceremony. The contestant was disappointed, but didn’t end things on a bad note. Instead he left after telling her how much he respected her and appreciated her honesty .

“Wasn’t the answer I wanted,” he told the cameras after being eliminated. “Wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I didn’t come here to mess around. I’m glad I know. I want to find a partner in life, a best friend, someone that wants to be around me every day … that’s what I want.”

Fortunately Chris Soules will have a second chance to find love on “The Bachelor.” He’ll return to ABC for Season 19 of “The Bachelor” on Monday, Jan. 5, at 8 p.m. EST.