A new year, a new heartthrob to watch – Chris Soules! He won your heart during Andi Dorfman’s 2014 season of “The Bachelorette,” and he’ll be back in 2015 to try and find love a second time around during ABC's "The Bachelor."

A 33-year-old farmer from Iowa, Chris will begin his journey on Jan. 5 … with a record number of 30 woman fighting to become that special one! Meet the ladies and start your predictions for which gal Chris Soules will pick to be with at the end of the Season 19:


Alissa, 24, is a flight attendant from Hamilton, New Jersey. She’s an animal lover who obtained her yoga certification, and doesn’t like to “upset others.”


Amanda, 24, is a ballet teacher from Lake in the Hills, Illinois. The bachelorette is family oriented, loves to shop, appreciates romantic gestures and is responsible enough to use potential lottery winnings to “buy a house while the market is still good” and put the rest into savings.


Amber, 29, is a bartender from Chicago, Illinois. She’s attached to her teddy bear, and would love to never have to pay bills.

Ashley I.

Ashley I. is a 26-year-old nanny from Wayne, New Jersey. She ranks mascara and foundation among important things like family and friends, and believes that being married means “having a best friend to do everything with for life.”

Ashley S.

Ashley S., 24, is a hair stylist from Brookyln, New York. Her biggest pet peeve is when a date is “constantly on the phone” and would use potential lottery winnings to help out her family and buy “some amazing Italian shoes.”


Becca, 26, is a chiropractic assistant from San Diego, California. The bachelorette loves “food, family, friends, Wi-Fi and Netflix,” and would be a dolphin if she could choose any animal.


Bo, 25, is a plus-size model from Carpinteria, California. She’s “open to new experiences” on a date, and would love to have lunch with Beyoncé, Rihanna and Mother Theresa.


Britt, 27, is a waitress from Hollywood, California, who loves authors David Foster Wallace and Dave Eggers. She admires people who face danger and is proud of the children she sponsors.


Brittany, 26, is a WWE Diva-in-Training from Orlando, Florida. Her biggest date fear is having “gas or violent diarrhea” and believes that the “ultimate date” is being with someone “you’re absolutely in love” with.


Carly, 29, is a cruise ship singer from Arlington, TX and can’t live without God and her cut-off denim shorts. At one point her job required her to watch for pirates from midnight to 4am while on the red sea.


Jade, 28, is a cosmetics developer from Los Angels, California. The bachelorette is a dog person whose greatest achievement to date is launching her business and moving to L.A. on her own.


Jillian, 28, is a news producer from Washington, D.C. She’s fond of Mexican food, Netflix and chocolate, and doesn’t enjoy mowing the lawn.


Jordan, 24, is a student from Windsor, Colorado. She would love to be Britney Spears for one day and once “jumped off a boat bar naked” while in the British Virgin Islands.


Juelia, 30, is an Esthetician (or professional focused on skin care) from Portland, Oregon. She’s into mineral sunscreen, likes adventure and sees herself as a romantic.


Kaitlyn, 30, is a dance instructor from Vancouver, British Columbia. The bachelorette is proud of her dance scholarship and can’t live without moisturizer, her family, moisturizer and sushi.


Kara, 25, is a high school soccer coach from Brownsville, Kentucky. She can’t live without Mountain Dew and Jesus, and would be a housecat if she could be any animal.


Kelsey, 28, is a guidance counselor from Austin, Texas. Her biggest date fear is diarrhea, and can’t live without “hope, love and optimism, creativity and chapstick.”


Kimberly, 28, is a yoga instructor from Long Island, New York. She’s proud of graduation from college with honors, and believes herself to be a “hopeless (or hopeful) romantic.”


Mackenzie, 21, is a dental assistant from Maple Valley, Washington. The bachelorette is a Mila Kunis fan and loves “Pineapple Express,” “The Book of Eli” and “Mean Girls.”


Megan, 24, is a make-up artist from Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys going to the gym and doesn’t like it when her date texts while talking to her.


Michelle, 25, is a wedding cake decorator from Provo, Utah. Her ideal date is a “surprise trip to Waikoloa, Hawaii,” and doesn’t like spider or snakes.


Nicole, 31, is a real estate agent from Scottsdale, Arizona. She enjoys hiking and traveling and believes that being married is a “partnership.”


Nikki, 26, is a former NFL cheerleader from New York City. She’s proud of her career – from working at Sally Hershberger, making the NY Jets Flight Crew and signing with Wilhelmina Models.


Reegan, 28, is a cadaver tissue saleswoman from Manhattan Beach, California. She’s “old fashioned” when it comes to dating and doesn’t like when men “get too touchy-feely too soon.”


Samantha, 27, is a fashion designer from Los Angeles, California. She loves lip gloss and her Teacup Maltese.


Tandra, 30, is an executive assistant from Sandy, Utah. She’s looking for a man who can “hold a conversation, is genuine and has taken the time to plan something.”


Tara, 26, is a sport-fishing enthusiast from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She doesn’t consider herself too romantic because she hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time.


Tracy, 29, is a fourth grade teacher is Wellington, Florida. She’s looking for a man who is “funny, confident, smart, motivated, thoughtful and caring.”


Trina, 33, is a special education teacher from San Clemente, California. If she could be any fruit or vegetable she’d be a coconut.


Whitney, 29, is a fertility nurse from Chicago, Illinois. She considers herself a “hopeless romantic.”

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