With the awkward introductions out of the way “The Bachelor” star Nick Viall and the 22 ladies vying for his affections are free to get down to business — the business of finding love, that is.

The 2017 installment of the ABC dating series is chugging along quickly. Nick has already kissed two of the ladies and encountered a strange conflict of sorts with a woman from his past. Things are going to heat up even more in episode 2, according to trusted spoiler blogger Reality Steve. During the show, 12 of the remaining women will set out on an unconventional group date during which it will become clear who the one to watch out for in Season 21 of “The Bachelor” will be. According to the blog the ladies will be asked to do a brides and bridesmaids photo shoot.

Sarah, Hailey, Vanessa, Corinne, Danielle L., Taylor, Alexis and Brittany will be chosen as brides, leaving Lacey, Raven, Elizabeth W. and Jasmine to be bridesmaids. Outfit themes reportedly range from beach bride to shotgun wedding bride to biker babe bride — far from the traditional white gown and veil, but what fun would “The Bachelor” be if creators never thought outside the box?

Reality Steve suggests that Brittany will step out sporting a wedding dress comprised of leaves intended to protect her modesty. Corinne will sport a beachy look, but will make some modifications to ensure that all Nick’s attention is on her. Previews for the episode that aired during “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Here For the Right Reasons” reveal that Corinne will whip off her top during the shoot, placing “The Bachelor” star’s hands over her breasts.

Naturally, this won’t sit well with the rest of the cast, most of whom are already furious that the 24-year-old Miami, Florida, native was able to steal a smooch from Nick during the Season 21 premiere. While her castmates will be far from impressed with her forwardness, it doesn’t seem it will both Nick one bit. Corinne is rumored to win the group date rose.

Following a rousing — and drama-filled — day with 12 of the 22 hopeful “Bachelor” winners, Nick will set out on a one-on-one date with Danielle M. Reality Steve reports that the duo will spend the day in Newport Beach, California. They’ll go for a Ferris Wheel ride and enjoy the sites and each other’s company. The blog claims that Danielle M. will get a rose at the end of Season 21, episode 2, meaning she’ll continue trudging along on this season of “The Bachelor.”

“The Bachelor” fans wondering when the other nine girls will get their shot to spend some time with Nick, wonder no more. The perpetual runner-up will be busy during episode 2. He’ll be tasked with going on yet another group date, this time with Christen, Kristina, Astrid, Josephine and Liz. Whitney, Rachel and Dominique will just have to wait their turns. The group will head to the Museum of Broken Relationships where, according to Reality Steve, they’ll be asked to fake break up with Nick before an audience — awkward, but we’re looking forward to watching this play out. The pretend splits will feature a face slap, another uncomfortable encounter between Liz and Nick and plenty of drama.

Episode 2 will also reportedly see the cat will be let out of the bag about Nick and Liz’s past, but viewers will just have to wait to see how he reacts. In Reality Steve’s episode breakdown blog he states that Liz will be sent home during the date. Christen, who will be the one to share with Nick that Liz is spreading their less-than-romantic one night stand story, will apparently be given the rose for that date.

Three women will be sent home during the episode, leaving just 18 “Bachelor” contestants in the running in Season 21. Reality Steve claims it will be Elizabeth W., Lacey and Hailey who are sent packing.

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