Arie is down to his final four, but one unlucky lady will have to be eliminated come Monday’s conclusion of “The Bachelor.” Before ABC airs Season 22, episode 8, here’s what we know about the upcoming installment.

Kendall’s Date

Arie will first meet up with Kendall in Los Angeles for what ABC is teasing as “one of the most bizarre dates in Bachelor history” as she introduces her beau to her favorite hobby: taxidermy.

During the date, which coincidentally was shot after the three other hometown dates but will air first, Arie will have an “unsettling meeting” with Kendall’s family. While a talk with her twin sister will convince Kendall to let her walls down, the synopsis reveals her entire family isn’t onboard with their relationship.

Tia’s Date

Tia will earn the second date of the episode. Before Arie meets her “overprotective” parents, who are said to “batter him with questions,” he and Tia will enjoy a racing date. Despite having some issues with her parents, Tia will let him know she’s “falling for him.” Will that be enough to get a rose?

bachelor 3 Arie’s hometown dates are said to be with (clockwise), Tia, Kendall, Becca K. and Lauren B. Photo: ABC

Becca K.’s Date

Becca and Arie will reunite in Prior Lake, Minnesota, for a “romantic homespun afternoon.” However, the date won’t be entirely drama-free. The network’s synopsis reveals Arie “comes under fire” after Becca’s family reveals they’re skeptical of Arie and his intentions.

“Her devoted family is extremely suspicious and distrustful of Arie and his motives,” ABC teases. “Can he change their minds and gain their trust?”

Lauren B.’s Date

Finally, Arie will visit Virginia Beach, Virginia, for a “tense uncomfortable” dinner with Lauren B.’s parents. After her dad “lays on the pressure” and her mom “questions his future plans,” Arie is said to walk away from the dinner.

Rose Ceremony

bachelor Tia (center) is rumored to be the next eliminated contestant. Photo: ABC

At the elimination ceremony Arie is will be “totally unnerved,” ABC has revealed, after realizing he can imagine each of the women as his future wife. After he finally works up the courage to say goodbye to his fourth-place contestant, there will be a “gut-wrenching exit in store,” leaving the eliminated woman “shocked and “devastated.”

Who Gets Eliminated?

Spoilers indicate that Tia, who was the last contestant to receive a rose before hometown dates, will be eliminated by Arie in episode 8. That leaves Becca, Lauren and Kendall moving on to the overnight dates in episode 9.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.