Arie Luyendyk Jr. has yet to select his final four on “The Bachelor,” but luckily for ABC viewers who want an inside scoop on his hometown dates, the names of those he selects at the end of episode 7 have already been leaked.

Monday’s episode will see Arie whittle down his remaining contestants to just four lucky ladies. Those remaining competitors will earn a one-on-one date with Arie in their hometown and will take them one step closer to the finale.

After an unprecedented three-on-one date and several single dates in Season 22, episode 7, the four women left standing are rumored to be Tia, Becca K., Lauren B. and Kendall.

According to spoiler blogger Reality Steve, Tia filmed her hometown date on Oct. 26 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. A couple days later, on Oct. 28, Lauren B. is said to have had her solo date with Arie in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Becca had the third hometown date on Oct. 30 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Last to get a hometown was Kendall, whose outing was filmed on Nov. 1 in Los Angeles.

Of course, not all four girls will move forward in the competition at the end of the hometown dates. It has been reported that Tia will be eliminated come the conclusion of episode 8’s rose ceremony.

The remaining three, Becca K., Lauren B. and Kendall, who has yet to receive a one-on-one with this year’s “Bachelor,” will travel on to Peru for the highly anticipated overnight dates in episode 9.

As for who Arie will ultimately choose, the name of his speculated winner has been available long before the season premiered. For weeks, it has been reported that Arie will choose Becca come the 2018 finale, though he may not stick with his first choice.

In January, it was revealed that Arie ended his engagement with Becca in favor of romancing his runner-up, Lauren B. It is unknown if the two are still together.

Watch as Arie selects his hometown date recipients when “The Bachelor” airs Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.