Colton Underwood said goodbye to four women on this week's installment of “The Bachelor” Season 23 and he will continue making cuts in episode 3. Next week's 2019 episode will see the cast go on two group dates and one solo date before a shocking pre-rose ceremony elimination. Spoiler warning! Find out who Colton will send home below.

Solo Date

After winning over Colton during one group date in episode 2, Elyse will earn herself some solo time with the Bachelor on Monday’s installment. She and Colton will travel to San Diego via helicopter to visit with children from Friends of Scott and Seany Foundation charities.

“They have the whole park to themselves to play and have the time of their lives,” states the official synopsis. “The atmosphere changes as the couple gets intimate during the evening part of the date when Elyse shares a heartbreaking story with Colton.”

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Their date won’t end on a sad note, though. Colton will end their night with a concert from country music artist Tenille Arts and lots of kissing, according to leaked photos of the outing.

Group Dates

After taking several of the women to Camp Bachelor in episode 2, Colton will continue his adventurous date theme in episode 3. The installment will see Colton take eight women -- Demi, Caelynn, Katie, Heather, Hannah B., Kirpa, Tracy and Courtney -- to Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. Photos from the outing show the women sparring aboard a pirate ship. ABC reveals in its synopsis that Caelynn and Tracy will compete for the position of Colton’s “first soul mate.” Ultimately, it will likely be Tracy who walks the plank as Reality Steve reports Caelynn ends the night with the group date rose.

The second group date will take Cassie, Caitlin, Onyeka, Tayshia, Sydney, Nicole, Nina, and Catherine to compete in a workout competition, hosted by Terry Crews. After doing a series of athletic feats, such as sit-ups, tire flips, and a limo pull, Sydney, Catherine and Onyeka will secure a spot in the final three. While Onyeka ends up winning the competition, Reality Steve reports Nicole receives the group date rose.

Who Gets Eliminated?

There will be one pre-rose ceremony elimination. During one group date after party, Colton will reportedly say goodbye to Caitlin because he does not “see a future with her,” according to Reality Steve. This move is teased by the network to stun the rest of the women.

The drama won’t stop there. Beauty pageant stars and former friends Caelynn and Hannah B. will stir up more controversy when they “continue to spar and make wildly conflicting claims about each other to Colton.”

While Hannah G., Colton’s first impression rose winner, didn’t receive a date in episode 3, she will be kept safe. Bri, who also didn’t receive a date, won’t be as lucky. She will be eliminated along with Catherine and Nina.

“The Bachelor” Season 23, episode 3 airs Monday, Jan. 21 at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.