After visiting Singapore on the last installment of “The Bachelor,” Colton and his remaining Season 23 contestants will head to Thailand in episode 5 for his next round of dates. It is there that one contestant will quit the ABC show and two others will get eliminated.

One-On-One Dates

Heather gets Colton’s first one-on-one date of the episode as he takes her on a scenic boat ride. ABC’s synopsis reveals the two will strengthen their bond during their sightseeing and shopping adventure. In the episode preview, Heather teases she may be ready for her first kiss from Colton.

Cassie will get the second solo date of the episode. She and Colton will be secluded on an island which they will turn into “their own passionate paradise.”

Reality Steve reports both women received a rose on their solo dates.

Group Date

Colton and 10 of the women will hike through the Thai jungle while being tested on their survival skills. During the getaway, one contestant will sneak away with the Bachelor for some “steamy alone time,” which will upset the other women. The date ends with Hannah B. getting the group date rose.


Prior to the rose ceremony, Elyse will drop a bombshell on Colton. “Elyse decides she urgently needs to talk to Colton and decides to take matters into her own hands,” states the synopsis. “Her unexpected visit changes everything for the couple.”

According to Reality Steve, Elyse will eliminate herself from the competition because she “just wasn’t feeling it with Colton.”

At the pre-elimination cocktail party, things will become “hostile,” which results in Colton being “caught again in the middle of a firestorm between two women.” The synopsis teases the feud will be between Nicole and Onyeka, the latter of which previously accused her co-star of not being on the show for the right reasons.

The cocktail party drama leaves Colton confused and upset, as the ongoing war between Onyeka and Nicole reaches new heights resulting in a boisterous face-off that envelops everyone. The Bachelor’s attempt to intervene does nothing to calm the two women down, so he makes an unexpected move that throws the rest of the bachelorettes into panic mode.

So, who gets eliminated? According to spoilers, it appears Colton will decide to send both women home after their feud. It has been reported that Onyeka and Nicole will be the only rose ceremony eliminations in episode 5.

“The Bachelor” Season 23, episode 5 airs Monday, Feb. 4, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.