After learning that bullying is occurring among his “The Bachelor” contestants, Matt James will have his work cut out for him in episode 5 of the ABC series. The network’s synopsis teases several dates and big conversations will take place during Monday’s Season 25 installment.

Bullying Smackdown

bachelor spoilers 2
"The Bachelor" Matt James will address bullying in episode 5. Pictured (clockwise) are contestants MJ, Victoria, and Anna. ABC

After Katie informed Matt that the cast’s five newcomers were experiencing bullying, with one woman even being accused of being an escort, he’ll take matters into his own hands leading into the next round of eliminations.

ABC’s synopsis reveals that Matt will have a “few tough conversations” in episode 5 about the so-called “toxic behavior" in the house.

“If you’re having to belittle someone else for you to shine then those aren’t the qualities I’m looking for in my life,” he warns in the preview. “I owe it to these women to create a safe space for them.”

Followup clips reveal an upset Anna, MJ, and Victoria, three of the women who appeared to play a role in the bullying of their new competitors in episode 4.

Matt's warning will result in the cast taking “that news to heart,” though the synopsis states one contestant will find herself “in an emotional spiral of denial” as a result.

One-On-One Dates

Matt will host not one, but two one-on-one dates in episode 5. ABC has shared one unnamed woman will get a “delicious home-cooked meal” while the other will enjoy a shopping spree.

Group Date

bachelor matt
"The Bachelor" Matt James is seen on a group date with Ryan and Magi in Season 25, episode 5. ABC

The weekly group date will see Matt take several of the women on an outing that showcases his “country roots.” It will also reveal which of the women is “comfortable getting down and dirty,” ABC has teased.

A photo from the date shows Matt enjoying some time in the great outdoors with Ryan and Magi.

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Who Will Be Eliminated Next?

While it’s unconfirmed which cast members will get the boot in the next episode, Reality Steve previously reported that this season’s villain, "Queen" Victoria Larson, will be booted by episode 5.

In a Tuesday update, the spoiler king wrote, “I’m pretty sure she’s gone at the next rose ceremony. If not the next one, then the one after. She doesn’t have much time left. So that’s a good thing.”

Catch Season 25, episode 5 of “The Bachelor” on Monday, Feb. 1, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Can’t wait until the finale? Find out who wins Matt’s season HERE.