After revealing Matt James’ hometown date recipients and his final three, it’s time to name his final two for this season of “The Bachelor.”

Following weeks of teasing the names of the leaked 2021 finalists, Reality Steve shared who Matt’s finale picks will be in a Jan. 19 update. According to his findings, Rachael Kirkconnell is still pegged to be the winner with a newcomer coming in second place.

As teased in the episode 4 preview, Matt will be introduced to five new women in the next installment. One of these women, the spoiler king said, will be Michelle Young, a 27-year-old from Woodbury, Minnesota. He is now reporting that Michelle will be Matt’s second-place winner.

As for Rachael, she remains the season’s frontrunner. According to Reality Steve’s findings, the 24-year-old’s friends and family in her hometown of Cumming, Georgia, have been buzzing about her winning the heart of this season’s “Bachelor” lead.

bachelor spoilers finale
Rachael Kirkconnell (left), Matt James and Michelle Young from the 2021 season of "The Bachelor." ABC

Matt himself is also apparently having a hard time keeping his potential winner a secret. It was discovered earlier this month that he had been listening to one of Rachael’s Spotify playlists. This detail was uncovered by a fan Instagram account after the ABC star failed to make his Spotify page private from prying eyes.

While Matt and ABC have yet to verify this season’s winner, Reality Steve has made it clear that Rachael is likely going to walk away with the win come finale night. Though with spoilers being far and few between this season, he has warned that it could always change.

“…why would Matt be listening to the playlist of a girl he didn’t choose, and therefore wouldn’t be in contact with since the show ended? It really does look like a major slip on his part that he got caught on,” he wrote. “Signs point to Rachael.”

Other finalists on Matt’s season include his most recent one-on-one date recipient, Serena Pitt, and Bri Springs.

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