After several weeks, dozens of dates, and many elimination ceremonies, Matt James is about to end his season of “The Bachelor.” Monday night marks the Season 25 finale of the ABC series which will see the lead choose between finalists Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell.

As previously reported, Matt ends his season by breaking things off with Michelle prior to the final rose ceremony. He then selects Rachael as his winner. Though, according to spoiler blogger Reality Steve, Matt’s decision to select Rachael isn’t one easy one.

After introducing both women to his mom, as seen in the finale preview, Matt will end things with Michelle during the night portion of their final night. “[He] says he loves Michelle but is not in love with her. She suspects it’s because of Rachael and he confirms,” the blogger reports.

What follows is Matt’s decision to cancel his final date with Rachael the next day. It is rumored his breakup with Michelle and his earlier meeting with his dad are too much for him to handle. Rachael learns the bad news from show host Chris Harrison, who tells her “Matt is confused and hurting or something to that effect.”

The next day, Rachael is said to get a letter from Matt apologizing for canceling their outing. He then asks her to meet him where they had the overnight portion of their fantasy suite date. When Rachael appears, it’s the final rose ceremony.

“She tells him how much he hurt her but she’s not going to leave him because she’s in love and you don’t run from love when the going gets tough...,” he reported.

the bachelor "The Bachelor" Matt James and contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. Photo: ABC

Matt doesn’t propose to Rachael, but he does choose her as his winner. Unlike his previous findings, Reality Steve now says that Matt does not gift Rachael a promise ring, “just an agreement to continue dating.”

Post-show, the couple is said to no longer be together. Their breakup, reported late last month, is believed to stem from the controversy surrounding old photos of Rachael from college attending an Antebellum party. While the two have yet to speak out about their relationship status and reported breakup, Reality Steve said he believes there is “no chance for a reconciliation.”

While the longtime show blogger may not see a future for the pair, "After the Final Rose" host Emmanuel Acho commented on their strong connection during a "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" appearance last week, as reported by Us Weekly.

"Rachael is dealing with all of this racially tense controversy, so that would kind of obviously skew my decision as a Black man if I already knew about said controversy.  But what I think is so interesting is watching both of the love connections play out. I think Matt and Rachael have an incredible connection, just affection."

“The Bachelor” Season 25 finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC. “After The Final Rose” follows at 10 p.m. EDT.