Courtney Robertson was reunited with her fellow bachelorettes on Sunday night's special episode of The Bachelor, where she made a tearful apology for her behavior toward them during the show's 16th season.

Robertson's apology was met with skepticism, and the other women took the opportunity to express their frustration with her, saying that she was two-faced and manipulative.

I think they were totally fair, Robertson told 'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison, Reality TV World reported. I think they were fair, to be honest with you. I have many regrets. I'm disappointed in myself and the way that I acted and how I treated the women. I wish I would have, looking back, there were so many things I would have done differently.

Robertson was notorious for trying to pit the other bachelorettes against one another, while behaving seductively with bachelor Ben Flajnik to make them jealous.

The 28-year old model from Santa Monica, Calif., said she was not the same person on TV as she was in real life, but some felt it was just an act.

When you apologized to Ben about how you treated us, it wasn't to us, it was to Ben, bachelorette Jennifer Fritsch said during the episode. And so, to me looking at it now, it still feels like it was because you wanted to go to the next level with Ben. You wanted to be top two and it might not have had anything to do with feeling bad about what you said to any of us.

I came into this with the same hopes and dreams that you guys all did, Robertson responded. We all came here for the same reasons, for Ben, and I'm sorry for the things I've said and if I've hurt your feelings--anyone, everyone--I'm really sorry for that. I hope you guys can find it in your heart to forgive me. I'm not a mean-spirited person. It brought out the worst in me and I can't apologize enough, I really can't.

Regardless of her guilt, Robertson will be returning for the show's season finale, where she will be competing with bachelorette Lindzi Cox for Flajnik's love. Whether or not she has truly had a change of heart about her behavior may become apparent theny.