When week one of ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” ended on Tuesday, contestant Hannah Godwin was in the midst of making a decision between Blake Horstmann and Dylan Barbour. It appears she’ll make her choice on next week’s two-part installment.

The network’s synopsis for both parts of Season 6’s week 2 reveal that Blake and Dylan each “have their hearts set” on giving Hannah’s their rose at the first elimination. The summary teases “who will offer it to her and will she accept?”

Spoilers indicate that Dylan will give Hannah his rose and the summary hints that Blake will be the disappointed “suitor” by revealing that Hannah’s castoff “must in turn decide between two women he has left hanging.” Viewers will remember that Blake has found himself balancing Kristina Schulman and Tayshia Adams after his earlier drama with Caelynn Miller-Keyes this season.

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Still, that won’t be the end of the love triangle in Monday’s episode. The synopsis reveals that later in the installment, “Hannah G. once again feels the push and pull between Dylan and Blake, but one man’s world will crumble as the other one steals her away.” It will end with the two having “a dramatic face-off on the beach that infuriates everyone in Paradise.”

The drama between the three contestants will heat up again on Tuesday’s episode 4. After a newcomer arrives in “Paradise” with interest in Hannah, she will share a “stunning revelation” with one of her suitors that “may topple their relationship.”

So, what will the outcome of the Hannah, Dylan, and Blake love triangle be? According to Reality Steve, Hannah and Dylan will give each other roses throughout the entirety of the season and Blake will eventually leave the show. The 2019 installment will end with Hannah and Dylan engaged.

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Blake, Hannah, and Dylan from "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6 on ABC. ABC