“Bachelor in Paradise” already has a love triangle, but the ABC reality show is going to introduce a “love square” when episode 2B airs on Monday. Viewers can look forward to the arrival of another cast member from “The Bachelorette” as the newcomer shakes up one of the most interesting relationships in Mexico.

When fans last left off on episode 2A on Sunday, Jared accidentally stirred up drama by inviting Clare on his one-on-one date. The decision left Mikey fuming and Ashley I. in tears. Despite the fallout, Jared and Clare will go through with their date in episode 2B. And according to the synopsis, sparks will be flying between the pair!

The episode description for Monday teases that Jared and Clare will explore their feelings while onboard a sailboat. But their date won’t just involve relaxing on the open water. The two will be taking the sailboat to “a small island where they go bungee jumping.”

As Jared and Clare grow closer, Ashley I. will be shedding tears over her crush. However, she’s not ready to give up on Jared just yet. Although Jared does appear to be falling in love with Clare, Ashley I. will still be fighting for his heart.

The Jared, Clare and Ashley love triangle isn’t the only exciting drama to look forward to in episode 2B of “Bachelor in Paradise.” “Bachelorette” alum Michael G. from Desiree Hartsock’s season arrives for his second shot at love. Despite JJ and Joshua already fighting over Tenley, Michael G. will throw his hat into the ring to try to win over the single beauty. The two embark on one of the most romantic dates so far … but is the date enough to win over Tenley?

Things will be tense leading up to the cocktail party as three men will be sent packing. Since the women are handing out the roses this week, the men will be stepping up to try and secure their spot … and get others sent home.

The drama goes down when “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 2, episode 2B airs on ABC on Monday, Aug. 10 at 8 p.m. EDT.