After weeks of Desiree Hartsock searching for true love, season nine of “The Bachelor” is quickly coming to a close. Fans already watched a trailer showing Desiree completely heartbroken, but a newly leaked synopsis for the overnight dates episode sheds some light on the mysterious emotional situation. On Monday, July 29, “The Bachelorette” will be airing part one of their two-part finale. Desiree’s final three men – Brooks, Chris and Drew – will find themselves traveling to Antigua to continue to explore their relationship with Des … and potentially spend the night in a “fantasy suite.”


Desiree’s first date will be with Drew, and the pair will explore the island of Antigua by jeep. Spending their time sightseeing, “stealing kisses” and partaking in a local festival, the two seem happily in love. Sharing a beachside dinner, Drew tells Des that he’s “totally love struck” and “ready to propose.” And it feels like Des has similar feelings for Phoenix native because she invites him back to the fantasy suite. However the synopsis teases that Drew, a “reserved man,” might not accept Desiree’s offer.


Chris lands the second date with Desiree, and the two take-off on a helicopter for deserted beach on the island of Barbuda. Passion will be “turned up a notch” when they hit the water, but the date will also hit a serious note when they reflect on her hometown visit. Talking about their future over a romantic dinner, Chris will drop a bombshell that has potential to stop their relationship dead in its tracks. According to the episode description, “His career path is not in Los Angeles, and he will need Desiree to relocate.”


Waiting for his date with Desiree, Brooks is emotionally torn. With his family, he tells them that he has strong feelings for Des when he is with her, but has insecurities when they are apart. Brooks’ mom and sister will offer him advice as he faces his touch decision, but will he realize that Desiree is “everything he could want in a wife?”

“Brooks wants to make sure that, if he is the last man standing, that he has the confidence to put an engagement ring on her finger,” continues the synopsis. Getting to Antigua to see Des, Brooks makes a pit stop first to talk to host Chris Harrison where he’ll have a “heart-to-heart” that includes some “shocking news.” Chris will “insist” that Brooks meet with Desiree – but what unfolds is still a mystery.

Part one of “The Bachelorette” finale airs on Monday, July 29 at 8 p.m. on ABC. Who do you think will win Desiree Hartsock’s love in the season nine finale of “The Bachelorette?” Let us know in the comments section.