After an emotional episode 6, Andi Dorfman is ready to move on … to Brussels! The six remaining “Bachelorette” contestants will be packing their bags and continuing their search for love in episode 7. But with hometown dates only a week away, things are going to get pretty intense, pretty fast.

Marcus will land his second one-on-one date with Andi, but the 25-year-old sports medicine manager should feel worried about the special attention. The bachelorette’s relationship with the contestant hasn’t been as strong since their first one-on-one date in Connecticut, and she’ll be using their time in Brussels to “reconnect.”

The couple will explore the delicious cuisine that Brussels has to offer, and Marcus will “profess his love to her.” However it won’t be until their romantic dinner at Palais de Academies that Marcus really opens up. Andi will be touched by Marcus’ decision to talk about “his painful childhood,” but will the pair have a deep enough connection for Andi to bring him to hometown dates in episode 8?

Things will take an interesting turn after Andi’s one-on-one date when one of her suitors unexpectedly shows up at her hotel room. Who is the bold guy? None other than Nick, the 33-year-old software sales executive who has been annoying the other guys with his cocky attitude. The contestant will steal Andi away for some alone time, taking her to an “outdoor café under the stars.” But will Nick’s daring move charm Andi? Or will Nick turn into the Clare of the season and have the situation backfire on him? “Bachelorette” fans will have to wait and see!

Andi’s second one-on-one of the episode will be with Josh – whom she’s been hot and cold with for the past few weeks. While the chemistry between the pair is undeniable, Andi can’t shake her feelings of distrust towards the former pro baseball player.

The two will attempt to work out their issues while enjoying the “quaint town of Ghent.” However Andi can’t get over that there is “one thing missing” from their perfect date. And without this mysterious factor, Andi’s not sure that she’ll meet Josh’s family during hometowns. Will Josh be able to secure his place in the final four of “The Bachelorette”?

For the final date of episode 6, Andi will take the remaining four men on a group date – probably the most important group date of the season. This is the only date in the entire episode that Andi can ease one man’s mind by handing over a rose … and Chris, Dylan, Nick V. and Brian all want it.

With hometown dates right around the corner, each guy is ready to pull out all the stops to get that rose. And with good reason – because the one lucky guy who lands the rose will get some extra time with Andi while the other contestants get sent back to the hotel!

Needless to say, the three unlucky men won’t be happy. But Andi and the one remaining contestant won’t have a care in the world as they share a romantic dinner on the waterfront. The duo will enjoy fireworks as the bachelor reveals that he’s ready to propose to Andi. But unfortunately he’ll be brought back to earth when he returns to the hotel and is confronted by the rest of the men … who are pretty angry. The result will be “one of the most contentious confrontations of the season.”

The episode 6 rose ceremony will definitely be a heartbreaker. While only one man has a guaranteed pass to hometown dates, the remaining five will be putting up one last fight to prove themselves to Andi. But ultimately the bachelorette has to make a tough choice … and two “shocked” contestants will be sent home.

Episode 7 of "The Bachelorette" will air on ABC on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT. Who do you think will get sent home in episode 7 of “The Bachelorette”? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.