Nineteen single and sexy bachelors ... and only one bachelorette. It’s only episode 2 of “The Bachelorette” Season 11, but the romance and drama is already heating up. After the intense first rose ceremony during the two-night premiere, the dating starts this week – and the guys couldn’t be any happier.

Group Date 1

Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Cooper, Ben H and Ben Z land the first group date of episode 2. Bachelorette Kaitlyn’s only hint is that their will be a ring – but it wasn’t the ring that the guys were expecting. The bachelors arrive to a warehouse to find Kaitlyn, boxing bags and boxing pro Laila Ali!

Laila Ali and her team of trainers work with the guys to teach them some boxing techniques. The bachelors practice some moves while flirting with Kaitlyn … except for Kupah. The 32-year-old Boston entrepreneur seems to have forgot the reason why he’s on the show – to date Kaitlyn. And the Bachelorette took notice. She joked with Laila that she actually forgot that Kupah was on the date.

All of Kupah’s practicing might pay off though, because Laila drops a group date bombshell on the guys … they’re going to fight each other in the ring!

The contestants go at it in the ring, but there is no competition when it comes to Ben Z. The 26-year-old San Jose, Calif. resident flattens everyone he goes up against. But the surprise boxing pro is 26-year-old Rhode Island restaurant manager Jared. He wins the match against Kupah, however Ben Z destroys him in the final round. Jared gets hit so hard by Ben Z that he actually has to go to the hospital.

While Jared gets checked out, the remaining seven guys get some one-on-one time with Kaitlyn during their cocktail party. Ben Z uses the time to open up about the death of his mom, while Justin reveals that he’s a single dad. Daniel barely gets to talk about his profession when they’re interrupted by a mysterious note.

Kaitlyn excuses herself and tells the cameras that the note says, “come downstairs right now, I need to see you.” When she exits the building she finds Jared waiting for her. He explains that he really wanted to see her, but the doctors say he has to rest up. Kaitlyn’s just happy that he’s okay, and the pair kiss before parting ways.

When Kaitlyn gets back inside it’s time to hand out the group date rose – and it goes to Ben Z! Ben Z was flattered and celebrated by stealing a steamy kiss from the Bachelorette. But while he's happy, Justin's disappointed that Kaitlyn didn’t choose him after the strong connection they made during their one-on-one time.

One-On-One Date

Clint, the 27-year-old Chicago architectural engineer, was the lucky lad to land the first one-on-one date with Kaitlyn. “You take my breath away,” said the date note. So, what did the bachelorette have planned? An underwater photo-shoot!

The two got dressed up just to jump in the pool. Things were awkward at first, but they quickly became at ease with each other and engaged in a hot lip lock underwater. They dried up later and continued their date on a rooftop where Kaitlyn was able to confirm that there was some serious chemistry between them. After telling the cameras that Clint is a “hunk of a man,” she hands him the group date rose and he accepts.

Group Date 2

JJ, Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe and Tony get the last date of the episode – and it’s a good one. Kaitlyn takes the guys to a comedy club to meet comedian Amy Schumer. Turns out that Amy loves “The Bachelorette” and Kaitlyn. Since Kaitlyn has a great sense of humor, she enlists the help of Amy and fellow comics Nikki Glaser, Rachel Feinstein and Bridget Everett to get the guys to do their own standup.

Overall everyone seems to do well. Ian cracks a joke about ex-“Bachelor” star Juan Pablo, and Chris unbuttons his shirt on stage. Things get weird with Tony, but JJ (who Amy calls a “turd”) follows up with a fun joke thanking the audience for sticking around.

Afterwards the group gets some one-on-one time with Kaitlyn during the cocktail party. JJ tears up while talking about his 3-year-old daughter, while Tony’s bizarre conversation leaves Kaitlyn speechless. Joe surprises the bachelorette by pulling her in for a steamy kiss, but ultimately it’s JJ that lands the group date rose for his sensitive and sweet conversation. Joe’s heartbroken, but still has his head in the game. But the rose triggers something dark in JJ – he tells the cameras that he’s happy to watch everyone without a rose stress about it the next day.

Cocktail Party

The pre-rose cocktail party is tense, but a majority of the guys seem willing to play nice. A group decides to let the three contestants who didn’t get a date get the first chance to talk to Kaitlyn – but JJ doesn’t get that memo. He immediately steals the Bachelorette away in what the other guys called a “power move.”

But JJ’s tactic may backfire on him. He tells Kaitlyn that he’s not there to make friends, and she doesn’t appear to be too turned on by that. When he returns to the rest of the guys he apologizes … but then says he’s not sorry. Kupah and Corey confront JJ about the move, but JJ once again says that he doesn’t care about making friends. The other contestants are annoyed by him – but Tony starts to crack from his teasing.

Surprisingly JJ isn’t the biggest jaw dropper of the episode 2 cocktail party. Kupah manages to steal the show by telling the cameras that he feels like he’s only on the show to fill the “minority quota.” He pulls Kaitlyn aside to express that he feels ignored by her, but Kaitlyn turns the tables on him.

“What I thought is that you didn’t notice me,” she tells him, citing the boxing group date. Kupah insists that he didn’t even like the date, but Kaitlyn fights him on it, arguing that he was “into it with Leila.” Kaitlyn believes that Kupah hasn’t given things a chance yet and drops a bombshell on him.

“To be honest, I actually felt a connection until right now,” she tells him. “And now I just feel like we’re on different pages. I didn’t know you questioned me that much.”

Kaitlyn admits that she needs to think about their relationship before the rose ceremony. However she quickly makes up her mind when she hears Kupah telling the guys all about their talk. When she overhears him say that she couldn’t make eye contact with him, she decides to confront him.

“I’m sorry,” she tells him. “I’m going to have to let you go.”

Kupah counters that it’s “pretty f----d up” and that he doesn’t want to go home.

“I think you’re hot. I think you’re sexy. I think you’re free,” he says to her. But that’s not enough to change Kaitlyn’s mind. After arguing about it a little more, Kupah finally accepts his fate. However episode 2 of ‘”The Bachelorette” ends with him freaking out on the producers of the show and Kaitlyn running out to stop someone from getting hurt.

Episode 2 is “to be continued,” which means that “Bachelorette” fans will have to wait another week to watch the rose ceremony.