The end is near! Only three guys remain on “The Bachelorette,” and things are somehow getting even more awkward and weird. Star Kaitlyn Bristowe has two overnight dates to get through in episode 9, and a big decision to make before eliminating one contestant in the final rose ceremony before hometown dates.

Nick and Shawn kick off right where episode 8 left off … bickering. Long story short, Shawn wants Nick to know that he doesn’t like or trust him. Nick on the other hand, wants Shawn to know that he couldn't care less what he thinks. And of course the whole “eskimo brothers” thing got brought up again (because why not, it’s “The Bachelorette”).

Kaitlyn knows that both men have a strong distaste for each other, and admits to the cameras that it’s taking a toll on her feelings for them. That’s good news for Ben, who needs to use his overnight date time to make a final play for Kaitlyn’s heart.

Overnight Date: Ben Edition

According to Kaitlyn, Ben is “hot,” “charming,” “easy and nice.” After all the Shawn and Nick drama, a date with Ben is exactly what she needs.

The two embark on a romantic horseback-riding trip before enjoying a picnic on the grounds of a castle. It’s there that Ben confesses that he’s falling in love with her – and not because of the situation they’re placed in. Kaitlyn agrees, calling their time together a “fairy tale.” And the good times only continue when Kaitlyn reveals that they’re having dinner in the 19th-century castle.

After dinner the two talk a little bit more about their relationship, and Ben brings up something that has been bothering him – their ages. Ben confesses that he had a birthday on the show ... and just turned 26. At the time Kaitlyn was a couple months away from her 30th birthday. Ben’s feeling on the subject of age? Kaitlyn is the “hottest older woman I’ve ever seen.”

After a speech about how he could see a “forever” with Kaitlyn, Ben accepts the overnight date key and the two spend the evening having “fun.” How much fun? Kaitlyn says she thinks she only got a half hour of sleep. Get it, gurl.

Overnight Date: Shawn Edition

Shawn finally gets his date with Kaitlyn, and the Bachelorette has a surprise gift for him – a bright pink polo shirt. The reality star wants Shawn to wear it for their golf outing, and he rocks it with pride (even with Kaitlyn calling him the “hottest dork ever”).

The two enjoy a day on the golf course, and things heat up at the end when Kaitlyn decides to play “Truth or Dare” with Shawn. The contestant chooses “dare” (of course) and Kaitlyn challenges him to putt butt naked. Shawn accepts and strips down to reveal that he was wearing a pair of long johns underneath his pants. Eventually EVERYTHING comes off (except his socks), and Kaitlyn takes advantage of the opportunity to steal his clothes and run. Thank you, Kaitlyn.

At some point Shawn gets his clothes back and they return to the hotel for dinner. Kaitlyn steers the conversation to Ben and Nick to ask why Shawn only has bad things to say about Nick. Once again, Shawn explains that he doesn’t believe Nick is on “The Bachelorette” for the right reasons and that there are “a lot of things” he’s said and done that concern him. Shawn tells the cameras that Nick is a “terrible person” who is “still acting like he’s a 16 year old girl.”

After getting him all riled up over Nick, Kaitlyn invites Shawn back to her hotel room for the “overnight” portion of their date. Things go well, and Shawn leaves the room on cloud nine. Unfortunately he sees an unwelcome sight on his walk of shame back to his hotel room – Nick. His rival is waiting outside his room for a “man to man” conversation and chance to “respond” to Shawn’s accusations. But Shawn’s not interested in talking with Nick – especially after Kaitlyn told him that Nick was talking about him.

“I don’t want to think anymore about you,” Shawn tells Nick. “You’re the last person I want to see. I don’t care if I ever talk to you again for the rest of my life. Get out.”

Rose Ceremony

Kaitlyn’s overnight dates with Nick, Ben and Shawn all went well – so well that Kaitlyn doesn’t know what to do. When she gets to the rose ceremony she actually has to take a minute to pull herself together before handing out the roses. When she finally manages to stop crying, she tells “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison that she knows what she has to do.

“It breaks my heart doing it,” she admits.

Kaitlyn hands the first rose to Nick, leaving Ben and Shawn to sweat it out over the final rose. Ultimately it’s Shawn who lands the second rose, eliminating Ben during episode 9.

Meet The Parents: Nick Edition

“The Bachelorette” finally leaves Ireland for the “hometown” dates. But the “hometown” dates aren’t in the hometowns of Nick and Shawn – they’re in Utah (don’t ask us why). Nick’s up first and pulls Kaitlyn aside beforehand to make a confession – he’s “totally in love” with her.

Unfortunately for Nick, his family is not “totally in love” with him being on “The Bachelorette” again. Prior to Kaitlyn and Nick’s arrival, a handful of the family members are actually in tears over the situation. They pull themselves together, and are happy to learn that the competition is down to only two men. However, they’re still nervous about Nick getting blindsided.

Although they won’t know the outcome, they do see that Kaitlyn has strong feelings for him, and that helps ease their minds a bit. They all tell Nick that they approve of his relationship with Kaitlyn.

Meet The Parents: Shawn Edition

Like Nick’s family, Shawn’s family is just as nervous about the situation. But the nerves go away as soon as they learn that Shawn is the “only guy left” … from night one. Shawn’s older sisters can see the strong connection the two share, and give him their blessing. However, Shawn’s dad has his doubts about the relationship. He fears that his son is getting in too deep, too soon. But after talking with Shawn, his dad tells him to follow his heart.

After meeting the family, Shawn and Kaitlyn sit down to talk. Shawn uses the opportunity to make a big confession.

“I am in love with you and have been for a while,” he admits. “It just feels right being with you.”

Kaitlyn doesn’t say anything back, but kisses Shawn passionately. She leaves with a smile on her face, but Shawn tells the cameras that he was disappointed she didn’t say “I love you” back.

Episode 9 of “The Bachelorette” ends with Kaitlyn in tears – not because something bad happened, but because she’s so confused about her feelings. She explains that she feels really strongly about both Nick and Shawn, and is worried about hurting them – especially now that family has got involved.