Rachel Lindsay may be starring in a competition series, but this “Bachelorette” won’t be played. The ABC reality star sent one of her remaining contestants home on Monday after a surprise visitor revealed some interesting information about who he really is.

During the second group date of Season 13, Rachel learns that DeMario — one of the few “Bachelorette” contestants who stood out to her early in the show — has a girlfriend. He tried, at first, to cover his tracks until he couldn’t anymore. He admitted to having sexual relations with the woman in question, and Bachelor Nation couldn’t resist roasting him on Twitter.

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The moment in question took place during one of two group dates during Season 13, episode 2 of “The Bachelorette” in which half the cast played a game of pickup basketball led by the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In the midst of the date, Rachel met a woman named Lexi, who claimed she was DeMario’s girlfriend and had the receipts to back it up. Rachel surprised DeMario with a confrontation with Lexi, whom he unconvincingly pretended not to know.

Lexi maintained that she and DeMario were an item until hours before he arrived at the “Bachelorette” mansion, which she proved with texts. Rachel demanded answers but wasn’t happy with what she got. She sent DeMario packing, but getting rid of him wasn’t easy.

When episode 2 of “The Bachelorette” came to a close, he had just arrived at the mansion during the cocktail party. Next week’s episode will pick up with the remaining contestants reacting to his return. Based on previews for Season 13, episode 3, it may get ugly between he and some of his former co-stars.

Bachelor Nation will be treated to even more drama as the show continues. In addition to the uproar caused by DeMario, controversial “Bachelorette” hopeful Lee will also make a stir in Season 13, episode 3. Previews for the episode show flare ups between him and some others in the house, though the exact cause of the tension is unclear.

Lee’s been rumored to be a potential Season 13 villain since before “The Bachelorette” premiered. He first caught our attention because of his social media presence. The Nashville native describes himself on Twitter as “pleasantly offensive” and “exceptionally Southern.”

His timeline features tweets showing support for President Donald J. Trump using the hashtag “#TrumpTrain,” which is popular among Republicans, conservatives and others backing the reality star turned politician. Lee has also bashed liberals, protestors and safe spaces. In addition to his controversial political views, the “Bachelorette” star appears to have some interesting thoughts about feminism, dating and more.

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Lee has yet to really make an impression on “The Bachelorette,” though his time may be coming. A trailer for Season 13, seen above, teases future flare ups in the house, at least one of which he appears to be at the center of. He and Eric are shown arguing about who is and isn’t a threat on “The Bachelorette” cast.

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