"The Bachelorette" Hannah Brown’s men are about to take to the hot seat for ABC’s Season 15 “Men Tell All” special. Leading up to the show’s 2019 the finale later this month, Hannah’s eliminated contestants will appear on the next episode alongside host Chris Harrison to dish on their experiences thus far.

After being sent packing on Monday’s episode, this season’s “villain,” Luke Parker, will take a leading role in the tell-all, which was taped on July 12. It has been reported by Reality Steve that the 24-year-old will start the show by sitting onstage with Harrison, a change up from past versions of the special. There, Harrison is said to have a two-hour conversation with Luke.

“Obviously it will be heavily edited, but it wasn't til they were done that the other guys were brought on stage,” Reality Steve tweeted.

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During his hours-long chat, Harrison will reportedly question Luke on any regrets he may have from filming, to which he will reportedly reply that “he was sorry for holding Hannah to such a high standard and being a perfect woman.”

After a season of confrontations with the rest of the cast, their issues with Luke will continue in the special. “Their frustrations stemmed from the fact that Luke couldn’t just apologize for what he did,” Reality Steve wrote on his blog. “Always seemed to talk in circles and make excuses, which then in turn caused the guys to keep going after him.”

Despite being a focal point, Luke will not stick around for the entire episode. While he was initially reported to have walked off the show, it has since been confirmed he had to leave early to catch a flight for a wedding.

Watch the preview here:

As for the rest of the reunion episode, viewers can expect to see several of Hannah’s men get their chance to shine. Cam Ayala and John Paul Jones, who were eliminated earlier on in the season, will get their moment in the spotlight with Harrison. Mike Johnson, who has obtained a noticeable following post-elimination, will also get a solo interview.

In total, 17 of the Season 15 contestants were reportedly present for the taping. Those who did not appear including Hannah’s final three -- Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt.

After the men speak out, Hannah will come out onstage where she will speak her peace on keeping Luke in the competition for as long as she did. From there, Harrison will close out the show, but not before giving a special preview of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 6.

The “Men Tell All” special will air as part of the Monday, July 22, episode of “The Bachelorette” at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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Hannah Brown's "The Bachelorette" tell-all special will see appearances by (from left) Mike, Cam and Luke P. ABC