Luke Parker appears to be the unconventional villain of this year’s “The Bachelorette” season. While he’s a point of contention among his fellow castmates, he appears to be a front-runner with lead Hannah Brown, even securing her first impression rose in the premiere. So, how long can viewers expect Luke P. to stick around in the 2019 installment? Here’s what we know so far.

[Warning: The article contains spoilers for Season 15 of “The Bachelorette”.]

Unfortunately for those looking to see Luke’s elimination, you’re going to have to wait several episodes. Elimination rumors from Reality Steve suggest that Luke P. will not be sent home by Hannah until late in the season, after the coveted hometown date episode.

After seeking Hannah’s attention in the first few episodes, she will gift him a one-on-one date in episode 5 while visiting Scotland. He will end the night with a rose, keeping him safe for another week.

Things will heat up in episode 7 when Hannah chooses Luke to take part in a dramatic 3-on-1 date in the Netherlands. After gifting one of her roses to another contestant -- Peter Weber -- Luke will be left to battle it out with Garrett on a two-on-one. Despite Luke being seen yelling at Garrett in the season’s trailer during this date, it is rumored Luke gets the second rose, sending Garrett packing.

Luke’s rose means he will make it to Hannah’s hometown date episode. (Find out her other hometown date recipients here!) While Reality Steve reports Hannah did not eliminate Luke in episode 8, he did meet his end on the show in the following installment.

After flying her final four men to Greece for her overnight dates, Hannah will spend some alone time with Luke, as seen in the above photos. However, things don’t appear to pan out for the pair. While they are shown smiling in the shots from the dating, it is speculated things take a dramatic turn later in the evening, rsulting in his pre rose ceremony elimination.

“...Hannah sends Luke home during the dinner portion of their overnight date. This was alluded to in the extended preview,” reports Reality Steve.

So, there you have it. Luke P. will make it all the way to the overnight dates but will not be in Hannah’s final three.

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