'Bachelorette' Stars Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth
Kaitlyn Bristowe has admitted that it didn’t take her long to realize that Shawn Booth was the one she wanted during her stint on “The Bachelorette.” Here, they are pictured at the 27th Annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game in Nashville on June 10, 2017. Rick Diamond/Getty Images for City Of Hope

It’s been more than two years since they got engaged during her season of “The Bachelorette,” but Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth still seem pretty content with holding off on their “I do’s” and just enjoying their time together as a couple.

The pair, who celebrated their two year anniversary in May, still have not made any official wedding plans, though they are still together and seem to be very happy with one another overall. Both Bristowe and Booth took to Instagram to celebrate their anniversary in May with adorable posts for one another.

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In her post, Bristowe joked that they had the “longest engagement ever” but also admitted that she was happy they were “taking their time.”

In his own post, Booth gave a heartfelt shout-out to the woman he loved, calling himself a “lucky guy,” in the process.

“I am one lucky guy to have been able to spend the last two years of my life with this beautiful, intelligent, funny, strong, and bad *** woman! Thank you for the greatest two years, and thank you for, well ya know, Riiiiiickk,” he captioned an image of Bristowe.

The couple have opened up often in interviews about their reluctance to set a date and marry, something that is often seen as a problem for couples in the “Bachelor” universe, which has a better known track record when it comes to couples splitting up than it does for ones that make long-lasting relationships.

Back in February, Bristowe told ET that she thinks the secret to her and Shawn’s success as a couple comes from their decision to not continue documenting their love story on television with other shows or specials, meaning they have been in control of how things play out in their relationship.

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“I think [Shawn and I are still together] because we didn’t jump into another show, we just went back to somewhat of a normal life,” she said. “We spend every second of every day together. I’m like, ‘How?’ We must really love each other, because I wouldn’t be able to fake that… He is my best friend and he just happens to be extremely attractive, so it all just worked out.”

As for why they had yet to marry, she also revealed at the time that they had almost considered eloping while on a trip to Hawaii in 2016, but they’re not really in a rush when it comes to getting to the altar.

“We aren’t in any rush, but that has a lot to do with planning and us just not having time,” she said. “I don’t question my relationship with him, and I don’t know why… We’re more excited to have babies than we are to like, sign a piece of paper. But at the same time, I can’t wait to marry him.”

“There were so many times [we almost got married]. Like, we were in Hawaii and we were like, ‘Should we just get married?’ I think at the time, ‘Bachelor’ still owned the rights to our wedding, though,” she added.