The Back to the Future day hoax has been perpetrated against the Internet yet again, as Doc did not really set the date to July 11, 2012, when he went to the future in the movie's famous Delorean time machine.

And he didn't set it to June 27, 2012, either, though this same hoax was carried out on that date. It's not clear why this trick has become a repeating theme, but, please, don't allow yourself to be fooled again.

Today, as has happened at least twice before, someone released Photoshopped or otherwise-manipulated image showing that today's date was the one picked in the 1989 sequel to the classic 1985 film, but the date was actually set for October 21, 2015, more than three years from now.

The fact that today is not Back to the Future day can easily verified by anyone with a copy of the sequel, but if you'd rather just check online, scroll to the bottom of this article and check for yourself in a YouTube clip taken from Back to the Future II

That didn't stop the Internet from losing its collective marbles over the concept that we are all currently living on the fateful day where Doc sent himself and a younger Michael J. Fox back in the eighties.

So though it's not clear why this latest Internet hoax was undertaken, it has definitely taken the Internet by storm. And it's not the first time, as the world was originally fooled two years ago, when a previous Internet scam suggested that July 5, 2010 was Back to the Future day.

Feel free to tell your friends that today, sadly is not actually Back to the Future day. Or let them live on in their over-trusting little world of contentment, and maybe they'll get to live it all over again more than three years into our future, when the actual Back to the Future day will take place. It'll just make it that much sweeter.

Press play below to watch a YouTube clip from Back to the Future II that proves that today is not actually the eagerly-awaited Back to the Future day: