Mila Kunis Bad Moms
Actress Mila Kunis, pictured at the Burberry “London in Los Angeles” event on April 16, 2015, premiered the trailer for “Bad Moms” at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Getty Images

LAS VEGAS — Motherhood is hard. That’s what Mila Kunis’ character makes known in the first two trailers for “Bad Moms,” which premiered Tuesday at CinemaCon here.

STX Entertainment released the first two sneak peeks and invited the cast of the R-rated comedy to dish on their perfectly imperfect roles.

Kunis plays a working mom who tries to make her and her two kids lives perfect but loses it when she is volunteered by the resident perfect mom and PTA president (Christina Applegate) to run a gluten- and sugar-free bake sale.

“I’m so tired of being this perfect mom,” Kunis announces. “I quit.”

What ensues is Kunis' character and two others, a stay-at-home mom (Kristen Bell) and town flirt (Kathryn Hahn), fighting back against social norms by bonding together and living how they want to — like bad moms. The trailer shows them ransacking a grocery store and loading up on sugary cereals, being too hung over to serve their kids breakfast and throwing an all-out rager, complete with plenty of girl-on-girl action.

While Kunis' character and her friends live it up, Applegate promises to destroy the moms for their new lifestyles. Will she succeed or just join in the debauchery?


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Kunis, whose past roles include “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Ted,” said she’s drawn to adult comedies and of course, bathroom humor, which inspired her to sign on the role. “There’s clearly some part of me that responds to R-rated comedy,” she told CinemaCon attendees.

Besides being able to act alongside her “lovely” co-stars, Jada Pinkett-Smith said she was attracted to the idea of bringing out her inner bad girl. Being the mother of two teenagers (Will Smith's wife is the only cast member with older children) the actress said she was “ready to be outrageous and a little filthy."

“I feel like since I became a mom, life became more R-rated,” actress Annie Mumolo, who is best known for penning “Bridesmaid,” added. “I gravitate towards it because it feels more real to me.”

STX Entertainment will release “Bad Moms” in theaters July 29.