Brandon Boyd, the singer of Incubus...wait until you see him. He's a good looking boy. The crowd could not contain their excitement as I overheard one anxious fan informing her mother of the beauty that is Incubus' lead singer, Brand Boyd.

Taking the Main Stage at 8 P.M., the band's set was the farthest thing from Mac Miller's performance which ended a mere 20 minutes earlier.

As smoke filled the stage and the crowds grew impatient, Incubus stepped out, jumping right into Privilege off of their Make Yourself album.

As Jose Pasillas owned it on drums, Boyd sang passionately with his eyes closed as if it were his first time performing it. With his long hair billowing over his shoulders in a light breeze sweeping through the beach, Boyd hit every note.

The band followed up Privilege with Megalomaniac and Adolescent, during which Boyd whipped out the tambourine.

Incubus performed as if the music was pulsing through them, a happy grin never leaving bass guitarist Benn Kenney's face.

As Chris Kilmore smoothly worked the turntables, Mike Einzinger kept a straight face, while effortlessly playing guitar.

You guys feel like helping a brother out here? Boyd asked the crowd, who was more than willing to sing the words to Pardon Me.

Song after song the crowd sang in approval. This song is f****ing awesome, one Bamboozler beside me screamed to his buddy as the band jumped into Anna Molly off of 2006's Light Grenades.

At that point the day had finally turned dark, and the lights on stage were in full force sweeping the crowd. Is everybody in? Boyd asks the mob during Are You In?

The band played In The Company of Wolves, Drive and Nice To Know You.

At the start of crowd favorite Wish You Were Here, Boyd gave a special shout out. This next ones dedicated to all you surfers out there (I surf very little, but I'm sure he was speaking directly to me).

By the time Incubus closed out with Sick Sad Little World, it seemed as if practically the whole crowd was clapping along. It also could have had something to do with the fact that Brandon Boyd had ended the set shirtless.