The Saints and Sinners stage at Bamboozle housed many acts this weekend, but one performance in particular stands well above the rest. Sundays Texas In July set was everything one can expect a Bamboozle performance to be.

The metalcore band hailing from Ephrata, Pennsylvania not only had an impressive crowd watching their set, but had people flocking to other stages stop in their tracks along the way to take in their performance. A constant stream of head swinging, crowd surfing and moshing from the mob couldn't even stop the security from nodding their head along with band.

Before Texas In July's 5:45 P.M. set, I had a chance to talk with guitarist Chris Davis, bassist Ben Witowski, and drummer Adam Gray about their music, the zombie apocalypse and more.

While the band is currently working on their third album, following 2011's One Reality with Equal Vision, there is currently no release date yet. We know it, no one else can, they joke, Absolutely nobody.

Although the new album is top secret, all three agree that it is Back to the roots. Throwing around words like fast, heavy, soloing, and shredding, among many others, Ben firmly stated that The metal is coming back...not that it left. But it's coming back, Adam and Chris chime in.

Not even talking with them for two minutes, I can already tell that the trio, who were missing lead vocalist Alex Good and guitarist Christian Royer, are total clowns who have a lot of fun with each other.

Asking what fans can expect from the upcoming 2012 Scream It Like You Mean it Tour (featuring We Came As Romans, Miss May I and more), Chris responded A new song. His response spurred a couple second long confirmations from the two others. A new song? asked Ben. I would say a new song, responded Adam. We'll give them a new song, Chris rounded out.

The hilarity continued as Chris revealed that he HAS to wash his hands before jumping on stage. Cleanliness is next to godliness...As for Ben and Adam, their pre-stage routines are a little different. I have to stretch, said Ben, like vigorously. Get a 20 minute stretch session in. Sometimes a Red Bull. Just slam it before a set. Crush it. Throw it. And then we're ready to rock. Adam on the other hand has to warm up. I usually spend the entire set of the band before warming up. Just watch the band and warm up during their set.

The boys seemed to have a tight schedule before getting on the Saints and Sinners stage on Sunday, but whatever they did beforehand worked, because they absolutely killed it. Chris (who has lovely long hair) must do something other than washing his hands before the set, because it is honestly shocking that he doesn't have whiplash from the way he threw his head back and forth while playing guitar. I totally believe that Ben stretches and pounds a Red Bull before playing because of the constant energy he had on stage. At one point the bassist even threw himself into the hungry crowd. As for Adam...holy sh*t. While recordings of their music prove that he is a phenomenal drummer, watching him live is a whole different story. Flipping his sticks in the air in the middle of a song and not missing a single beat, Adam just nailed the entire set.

But besides being phenomenal musicians, the trio manages to keep the laughs coming, describing one of their craziest fan experiences as a guy who got their last album art tattooed on his armpit. I don't know if that means our album stinks, or if he had nowhere else to put the album, Chris laughs. Definitely stinks, the other two chime in.

Speaking of something that doesn't stink, Chris reveals that his guilty pleasure is Justin Bieber. Anything Bieber...the Biebs. Other guilty pleasures from the trio include Bieber's lady love, Selena Gomez and Carly Rae Jepsen's hit Call Me Maybe.

But on a more serious note, our topic turns to the apocalypse. I'm a horror movie guy and I would love to destroy some zombies, reveals Chris, who says his choice weapon for zombie destruction would be a baseball bat. Definitely samurai swords, says Adam of his zombie combat weapons. Ben on the other hand doesn't believe zombies will play a role in the apocalypse, but rather the government.

Whatever the future might bring, these guys are bound to find success (whether it's in music or zombie combat). The trio from Texas In July did reveal that they were looking for true love this weekend at Bamboozle. So if cupid didn't shoot that lucky arrow at them on Sunday -- then any ladies reading this -- Adam, Ben and Chris are total catches.