Barbara Walters joins the countless number of women who thinks Bradley Cooper is a handsome and sexy person.

The famous TV personality recently interviewed Cooper for her special titled “10 Most Fascinating People of 2015” in which she revealed that she has a bit of a crush on the actor, Entertainment Weekly reported. Walters told the “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor, “I could just sit and stare at you but that would take too much time.”

Walters also candidly mentioned to Cooper that she finds him “very screwable” and even complimented the star for being handsome and sexy. When Walters asked the actor whether he knows that he’s good looking person, Cooper responded, “I think that I’ve grown to stop thinking about it … But sometimes I feel better than others. Yeah, I think it has a lot to do with feeling comfortable with yourself.”

He also thanked Walters for the compliment and commented that he’s “more comfortable” with himself now than “[he’s] ever been in [his] life.” He added, “So maybe that makes me more attractive.”

Apart from the actor’s good looks, Walter’s interview also touched on some of the personal aspects in Cooper’s life. According to People magazine, Cooper reminisced about his late father during his interview with the journalist and TV personality. The actor’s father died in 2011 after a long illness.

Cooper has been nominated for various awards over the years, the latest of which is an Oscar nod for his role in the movie “American Sniper.” The actor told Walters that his father would have been happy with his latest accomplishment. “I think he wouldn't believe it. I really wish, I mean thank God he was alive for so many of the successes, but like the Clint Eastwood thing he would have really loved – that was one of his heroes."

Walter’s “10 Most Fascinating People of 2015” special will air on ABC on Thursday, Dec. 17.