It’s happened before, and it’ll likely happen again: bare feet encroaching on already limited personal space on airplanes. The most recent report of such an incident comes courtesy of Facebook user Jasmine Mays, who shared images and video of a woman’s red toes poking out next to her window seat. The images have since gone viral.

“What. In. Gods. Name,” Mays, a fitness trainer, captioned the images posted Sept. 8. The images had been “liked” 16,000 times Friday and were shared well over 110,000 times. In a separate video shared to the account, Mays can be seen looking visibly unsettled by the presence of what appear to be a woman’s feet in close proximity to her body.

The video was covered by a number of media outlets, including CBS daytime talk show “The Talk.” Mays shared a clip of the segment to Facebook Tuesday, writing: “This has been a crazy year. Like seriously; crazy good! Kinda surreal to see Shamar Moore, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert and Sheryl Underwood talking about my video and seeing myself on the The Talk today.”

It was not clear Friday on which airline Mays was flying at the time of the incident, though her experience is not unheard of on commercial flights. Several similar incidents have been shared by passengers who found bare feet sharing their personal space.

In July, JetBlue passenger Jessie Char, 30, shared images on Twitter of a passenger whose bare feet appeared through the armrests of the empty seat next to her. Remarkably, one foot also opened the window in Char’s row.

“I was flying home to San Francisco, and was so excited when I realized I had the whole row to myself. I even left the armrests up so I could bask in my luxurious airplane bench,” Char told Today at the time.

“A few minutes in, I heard one of the armrests fall down. I looked over, figuring the hinge was loose. At that moment I noticed a foot emerge, followed by another foot on the other side,” she added. “The toes were in full wiggle.”