Brandi Maxiell may have just gotten herself fired from “Basketball Wives: LA.” On the explosive Season 4 finale, Brandi got into a heated argument with Shaunie O’Neal, who serves as executive producer of the VH1 series.

For most of the hour-long episode, the ladies were seen bickering and fighting with each other. Episode 12 kicked off following last week’s drama between Angel Brinks and Mehgan James. Things escalated between the women when Angel made a joke about Mehgan having an abortion. It took several ladies to keep Angel and Mehgan apart so a fight wouldn’t break out. Eventually, Angel hopped in a cab and left the beach.

Meanwhile, Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo were trying to calm Mehgan down but they get aggravated when they overhear Shaunie and Tami Roman standing off to the side laughing. Brandi and Malaysia thought Tami and Shaunie were laughing at them, and Brandi almost got into a fight with Tami.

Once everyone calmed down, the group -- minus Angel -- got on the bus to head back to the hotel. Mehgan used that time to explain to her cast members why she had her abortion and also alleged that Angel used to be an escort in Las Vegas. Back at the hotel, Angel decided she can’t deal with all the fighting and left the trip explaining in a note to Shaunie that she wanted to remove herself from the drama.

Throughout the remainder of the episode things remained on edge between the L.A. girls – Jackie Christie, Mehgan, Brandi and Malaysia – and the Miami girls – Tami and Shaunie. At one point, the L.A. girls left Tami and Shaunie behind at the hotel while they enjoyed a day of zip lining. During a quick lunch break Jackie urged the women to meet up with Tami and Shaunie for dinner so everyone could talk through their issues.

It turned out the group dinner was a terrible idea, and Brandi started yelling at Shaunie for supposedly always looking down on the group. Things got so heated at the dinner that Brandi called Shaunie a “b----.” In a confessional, Jackie told the camera she thought Brandi had crossed the line because Shaunie is her boss and the executive producer of the series. Apparently, Shaunie also thought Brandi crossed the line and calmly ended the conversation by telling Brandi, “Thank you for your services.” Brandi grabbed her stuff and left the dinner. It’s assumed Brandi was fired from the show, but the reality star has not confirmed the news. Brandi, however, was live-tweeting during the finale and told fans she would answer their questions during a Periscope chat.