On Sunday's "Basketball Wives: LA," Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo tried to patch things up and fix their friendship after feuding with one another in the last few episodes. Meanwhile, Angel Brinks' feud with Mehgan James escalated, and the two almost got into a fight.

Episode 11 of the VH1 show picked up after Jackie and Angel surprised the girls by showing up unannounced at their dinner in Puerto Rico. Jackie, who had a falling out with Malaysia at the latter's bedding line launch party, tells the girls she doesn't want to be friends with Malaysia anymore.

However, later on in the episode the two women mended their friendship while sampling rum at a local wine shop in Puerto Rico. At one point, Malaysia even stuck up for Jackie when Tami Roman, Mehgan, Brandi Maxiell and Shaunie O'Neal started making fun of the way Jackie mispronounced Spanish words. Jackie, who had a little bit too much to drink, started crying and accused the girls of laughing at her expense.

Malaysia and Jackie continued to work out their issues throughout the episode and are seen dancing in a scene at a salsa club. As quickly as the two VH1 stars patched things up, their friendship fell apart again during a trip the girls took to the beach when Jackie brought up the time Malaysia told everyone she didn't like her.

The two started arguing again, and tension in the group quickly escalated when Mehgan lashed out at Angel for butting into the girls' conversation. Mehgan told Drays's BFF she needs to mind her own business since she's new to the group.

Jackie, Brandi and the other girls did their best to keep Mehgan and Angel apart, but when Angel made a comment about Mehgan supposedly having an abortion, the former “Bad Girls Club” star lost it and lunged at Angel.

Earlier in the episode, Angel got into a heated argument with Malaysia over the latter bashing Angel's lingerie line but they were able to work things out. In an teaser of next week's episode, the fighting continues when Tami and Brandi get into a nasty argument. There's also a clip of Brandi yelling at Shaunie and calling her a "b----."