"Basketball Wives: LA" Season 4 reunion was full of back-and-forth bickering and Shaunie O'Neal, who serves as a cast member and executive producer, hinted some of the ladies might not be asked to return for another season. During the hour-long special host John Salley rehashed some of the most memorable moments from the show and tried to get the cast to work through a few issues.

The reunion kicked off with Salley telling everyone that Draya Michelle quit the show in the middle of the season and refused to show up to the reunion.

The host then moved on to find out if Jackie Christie and Mehgan James were still friends after having a few disagreements throughout the season. Even though Mehgan initially lied to the cast about being friends with Jackie and then later in the season almost getting into a fight with her when Jackie spat on her, the two are still friends.

Jackie and Malaysia Pargo are also friendly again after falling out several times during Season 4. Most of Jackie and Malaysia's tension stemmed from their fight at Malaysia's bedding line launch party, but it seems they've patched things up (at least for now).

A few of the ladies, however, weren't able to work out their differences during the reunion. Angel Brinks, who was introduced to everyone by Draya, is still at odds with Malaysia over the latter not wanting to wear Angel's lingerie line for a photo shoot. Malaysia explained she wasn't trying to diss Angel's business, but said she thought the lingerie was too raunchy and made her look like a "sexed up Power Ranger" and that's not the look she was going for.

Unfortunately, Angel didn't resolve her issues with Mehgan either. In last week's finale, Mehgan accused Angel of being an escort but the fashion designer denied it saying her photos were hacked and put on an escort website. Mehgan didn't believe her.

Toward the end of the reunion Tami Roman, originally from "Basketball Wives: Miami," got into an argument with Brandi Maxiell. Brandi accused Tami of being "thirsty” for jumping from reality show to reality show and also accused her of stealing purses.

Tami fired back telling everyone Shaunie asked her to join the Los Angeles cast because it needed to be saved. Shaunie later admitted she did ask Tami to come on the LA series because she needed someone to add a "spark."

Salley then went on to talk about Brandi's fight with Shaunie during a girls' trip to Puerto Rico. As previously reported, Brandi lashed out at Shaunie and called her a "b----" during a group dinner, leading to speculation on whether she would be fired from the show for attacking her boss.

When Salley asked Shaunie about next season's cast, she shrugged and said she wasn't sure who would be asked to return. "I think we do need to sit down and make a few changes ... additions," Shaunie responded. "I cannot say who will or who will not be back."

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