Brandi Maxiell on Angel Brinks Draya Michele friendship
"Basketball Wives: LA" star Brandi Maxiell admits her co-star Angel Brinks (not pictured) wasn't given a fair shot on the show. VH1

Brandi Maxiell said she felt her former co-star Draya Michele left her friend Angel Brinks to fend for herself on Season 4 of “Basketball Wives: LA.” Draya introduced Angel to the group on episode 3 and shortly afterward quit the series to focus on her business.

Angel continued to film with the ladies but seemed to clash with a few of them. She had a disagreement with Brandi over Draya's calling Brandi's cancer story "boring," and Angel also got into it with Malaysia Pargo when the latter refused to wear her lingerie for a photo shoot. Angel once again clashed with her co-stars when she almost got into a fight with Mehgan James on the Season 4 finale.

Speaking to VH1, Brandi admitted she felt bad for the fashion designer.

"I feel like Angel kind of, to be honest with you, I feel like Draya kind of hoed her out a little bit,” Brandi explained. “I just feel like she left her hanging. You know, Draya brought her onto the cast, and then when Draya brought her onto the cast, she left and then left her friend there in front of all these women that she doesn’t know, and it was kind of hard on her."

Brandi went on to say that it was "unfortunate" the cast didn't get a chance to get to know Angel. "I just felt bad for Angel because she really didn’t get a fair chance,” the TV personality said. “She came in the middle, and everything was already established.”

In July, Angel opened up to Good Fella Media about her experience on the show saying she was a bit "apprehensive" about joining the cast.

"You're around a new group of girls, and you're learning them," Angel said. "And women in general are pretty complicated, you know. ... But I actually learned a lot from the girls, and I had a really, really good time filming with them."

As of now, it's not clear if the ladies will get another chance to get to get to know Angel, because cast member and executive producer Shaunie O'Neal hinted on the reunion show that she wasn't sure who was going to be invited back for another season.