Between Evelyn and Jackie’s ongoing feud and the addition of several new cast members, the ladies of “Basketball Wives” Season 7 have yet to attend an event that didn’t result in an argument.

When episode 5 of the VH1 show airs, the ladies will continue their streak of hurling insults and threats at one another while dealing with personal issues.

Here are 3 things you should know before you tune into “Basketball Wives” Season 7, episode 5:

1. Evelyn Discusses The Future Of Her Embryos

In the VH1 promo that aired on television following last week’s episode, Evelyn tells Jennifer she and her ex-fiancé Carl Crawford have decided to let go of their embryos. When Evelyn and Carl were still together, the mother of two went through several IVF treatments in order to give birth to another child. However, after she learned Carl was cheating on her, the relationship fell apart and the two were left to make a decision about their frozen embryos which were being held at a medical center.

Evelyn previously revealed she didn’t want to get rid of the embryos and it appears the decision she and Carl reached was an emotional one. In the preview, she begins to cry when she announces she will not be able to use the eggs to carry another child.

2. Kristen And OG Have Another Argument

It appears the ladies are still at odds after a conversation that was supposed to create peace between Evelyn and Jackie resulted in Kristen calling out OG for inserting herself into the feud. When OG tried to give the young woman advice, Kristen explained she was a grown woman with a husband and child at home. However, tensions escalated when OG questioned whether Kristen’s husband was really with their baby.

In the VH1 promo, the two women get into another argument while attending Malaysia’s salon party. This time around, OG tells Kristen she sounds like a desperate housewife and the young mother appears completely furious over the comment.

3. Malaysia’s Salon Party Turns Into A Disaster

Aside from Kristen and OG’s argument, Evelyn and Jennifer appear to start some drama on their own when they put CeCe on the spot about her nursing degree. In the past, CeCe confronted Evelyn and Jennifer after she was told they were questioning the legitimacy of her career and spreading lies about her past.

Although Evelyn and Jennifer later apologized for their behavior, it appears they aren’t going to back down until they learn the truth about CeCe. In the promo, Evelyn asks CeCe about her nursing degree but before she can explain herself, Jennifer yells that the alleged nurse is dumb, which seems to shock Malaysia.

Will Malaysia attempt to defuse the tension at her party or will the ladies turn the event into a screaming match?

“Basketball Wives” Season 7, episode 5 airs Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on VH1.

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Evelyn and Jennifer start trouble on “Basketball Wives” Season 7, episode 5. VH1