Ryan Hurst
Ryan Hurst, pictured at San Diego Comic-Con on July 15, 2012 , will reprise his role as Chick in "Bates Motel" season 4. Getty

“Bates Motel” fans haven’t seen the last of Ryan Hurst’s character, Chick. Although Season 4 of the A&E “Psycho” prequel is still months away from premiering, the latest reveal is that Hurst will be continuing to cause problems in White Pine Bay for the Bates family.

Showrunner Kerry Ehrin confirmed to TVLine that “crazy mountain man” Chick will be back in Season 4. And based on where Season 3 left off, it’s safe to assume that the Bates family should be a little nervous about his return.

Viewers will remember that Chick hired Caleb (Kenny Johnson) and Dylan (Max Thierot) to go on a gun run for him. Chick promised Dylan a large amount of money in exchange, which Dylan needed to get Emma (Olivia Cooke) her transplant surgery. But Dylan never expected to run into any issues. The exchange was supposed to go down with Chick’s “partner.” However, the “partner” was not expecting Caleb and Dylan. They cleaned the father/uncle – son duo of all the guns and planned to send a “message” to Chick … by killing Dylan.

Fortunately Chick’s partner was unable to complete his message because Caleb shot the guy with a hidden gun. Caleb and Dylan managed to get out of the situation unscathed, but Caleb wasn’t willing to let Chick get away with almost getting his son killed.

bates motel
Caleb (Kenny Johnson, left) and Dylan (Max Thieriot, right) ran into some problems in "Bates Motel" season 3 thanks to Chick (Ryan Hurst, not pictured). A&E

In episode 9, Caleb confronted Chick about the exchange gone wrong. Chick claimed not to know anything about the trap, and refused to hand over the agreed upon cash when Caleb couldn’t produce the guns or money. Things were about to get ugly when Chick reached for his gun, however, Caleb was too fast for him. He knocked the gun out of his hand and beat Chick to the brink of death … and then stole the money he and Dylan were promised.

Caleb left town by the time the Season 3 finale rolled around. It’s unclear if he will be returning for Season 4 of “Bates Motel,’ but one thing seems certain – Dylan is going to have to deal with the consequences of Caleb stealing the money. Fingers crossed Emma doesn't get involved!

“Bates Motel” Season 4 premieres in 2016.