• The second protagonist will fight her first battle
  • Yuuri Amagake will unveil her power
  • "Battle Game in 5 Seconds" Episode 2 is airing this Monday

Akira Shiroyanagi is an avid gamer and one day he finds himself in a game. A mysterious girl named Mion has chosen several unique people to play this game.

The pilot episode of "Battle Game in 5 Seconds" anime introduced the viewers to the protagonist. Now, episode 2 of the series will revolve around the other protagonist named Yuuri Amagake.

The official preview trailer of "Battle Game in 5 Seconds" Episode 2 shows Amagake facing her first opponent in the battle game.

Episode 2 of "Battle Game in 5 Seconds" is likely to showcase Amagake’s backstory. The trailer also mentions Mion training her apprentice as the other participants of the game wait for their battles.

In the debut episode of the anime, a mysterious fighter attacked Shiroyanagi who used his intelligence to beat this unknown enemy.

A girl named Mion appeared and took Shiroyanagi to an undisclosed facility where he met other warriors. Mion revealed she deleted all existing records of the people gathered in the room and now they will fight each other to survive.

Mion also shared Shiroyanagi and the others are now equipped with superpowers.

“A new kind of battle of abilities for a new generation is about to begin! It all started on a regular morning like any other. Akira Shiroyanagi is a high school kid who loves nothing more than konpeito candy and games. One day, he ends up in a fight due to a mysterious girl named Mion. Mion then tells the people she had gathered that they no longer officially exist in any records. They were given powers and were about to be test subjects. Akira makes up his mind to use his powers to climb up the ranks and then crush this organization,” read the official series synopsis, according to Crunchyroll.

The cast of "Battle Game in 5 Seconds" anime includes Mayumi Shintani as Mion, Ayumu Murase as Akira Shiroyanagi, Akari Kitō as Yan, Aimi as Yuuri Amagake, Miyuri Shimabukuro as Ringo Tatara and Yuuichi Nakamura as Shin Kumagiri.

Fans can watch "Battle Game in 5 Seconds" Episode 2 online on Crunchyroll. The episode will live stream in Japanese with English subtitles this Monday.

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