• "Battlefield 2042" is set in an apocalyptic version of the near-future
  • Entire countries have fallen and dissolved in the wake of extreme natural disasters caused by climate change
  • Players will assume the role of No-Pats, the nomadic survivors of failed states and fallen nations

The “Battlefield” games have never had much of a story to work with in the past, with games being based on either great historical conflicts or fictional ones with somewhat generic tones of political turmoil between global superpowers. “Battlefield 2042” falls under the latter category, but DICE has crafted a more interesting world that sets the stage for the futuristic war that players will soon be joining.

Apart from the “Exodus” short film that’s coming soon, the developers have updated the “Battlefield 2042” website with a “World of 2042” section that expands the game’s desperate world through a rundown of major events and logs that detail the experiences of the series’ new characters: the No-Pats.

Battlefield 2042” is set in the near future where extreme climate change has caused drastic shifts in the geopolitical landscape of the entire globe. Entire countries have fallen due to devastating weather and the subsequent anarchy that caused governments to collapse.

Nations that have fallen are referred to as failed states, and their once-proud citizens have been reduced to stateless nomads called the Non-Patriated, or No-Pats for short.

Battlefield 2042 is bringing some changes to vehicles to accommodate the larger map sizes Battlefield 2042 is bringing some changes to vehicles to accommodate the larger map sizes Photo: Electronic Arts

These people have formed fleets that roam the world, searching for a safe place to call home. Eventually, No-Pats became a faction of their own, swearing allegiance only to their leaders, while tensions between Russia and the U.S. grow as the last two superpowers vie for control over what’s left of the Earth.

All was well until a space debris storm hit the planet in 2040, causing the majority of orbital satellites to crash while knocking out all essential electronics on the surface, resulting in a catastrophic societal collapse and causing the rivalry between the U.S. and Russia to reach a breaking point.

Both countries have resorted to hiring No-Pat Task Forces led by trained specialist units to fight proxy wars in their stead, igniting armed conflicts over the remaining land and resources across the globe.

Clearly, there’s a lot more effort put into “Battlefield 2042’s” world-building compared to the previous games in the series. The apocalyptic undertones give the global conflict more sense and players more reasons to fight.

It’s unclear whether or not “Battlefield 2042” is set in the same universe as “Battlefield 4,” but more may be revealed after the “Exodus” short film is released.