After its surprisingly successful trip back in time to World War I in 2016, the “Battlefield” series of large-scale first-person shooters will return in 2018. This time, it is called “Battlefield V” and is set a couple decades later in World War II, according to GameBeat’s sources.

An earlier version of GameBeat’s story said the game would be called “Battlefield 2” as a sort of sequel to 2016’s “Battlefield 1.” However, reporter Jeff Grubb acquired a work-in-progress logo build which seemingly confirmed the game would instead be called “Battlefield V.”

Confusing naming aside, “Battlefield V” signals the venerable franchise’s return to its roots. “Battlefield 1942” in 2002 was a massively popular multiplayer game that kicked off the series that is still going strong more than 15 years later. “Battlefield 1” was hugely successful and retains a strong player-base more than a year after its release. Its final expansion pack, “Battlefield 1 Apocalypse,” just came out at the end of February.

Publisher Electronic Arts had already confirmed a new “Battlefield” game would come out in 2018, but the nature of the game was unknown until Thursday’s report. It could have stayed in World War I, returned to the near-future setting of “Battlefield 4” or done something entirely different. GamesBeat reported that previous rumors of a new game set in the “Battlefield: Bad Company” side-series were false.

After the huge success of “Battlefield 1,” and likely spurred by the fact that rival “Call of Duty: WWII” was 2017’s best selling game, EA must feel now is the time to return to World War II. EA did not officially confirm or deny GamesBeat’s report, but it will apparently be revealed “soon” and likely released during the 2018 holiday season.

According to a new report, "Battlefield V" will be set in World War II and launch in 2018. Pictured above is promotional art for "Battlefield 1," the previous game in the series which was set in World War I. EA