Battlefield V
“Battlefield V” will be officially revealed next week. Battlefield website

It’s now official! Electronic Arts will introduce the next “Battlefield” game next week. Important details about the launch program have already been revealed.

On Wednesday, comedian Trevor Noah, who is hosting the program for the new “Battlefield” game, took to Twitter to confirm the rumors about the game’s reveal date. “The rumors are true (rumors that I started, but still…) I will be hosting the @Battleield Live Reveal on Wed, May 23rd.”

Noah also revealed in his tweet that there is a live stream for the event on YouTube. It also appears as though the “Daily Show” host may have dropped a clue on the game’s official name when he wrote “V EXCITING!” EA DICE SE senior video and media director Randy Evans also dropped the same hint on Twitter saying, “May 23rd. You better V there!”

It didn’t take long for fans to get the confirmation on the game’s official name though. The official Facebook page for “Battlefield” has already shared an image showing “Battlefield V.”

There’s already an entry for the live stream on the official Battlefield YouTube channel. The entry reveals that the launch program will indeed take place on May 23 with Noah and the DICE development team running the show. The program, officially called “‘Battlefield V’ Live Reveal,” will start at 4 p.m. ET or 1 p.m. PT. It will also be streamed via Twitch, and

Details about the upcoming first-person shooter video game are still scarce. However, DSOGaming is already confident that it will feature a single-player campaign. The gaming news outlet also thinks the game could have a battle royale mode, but there’s not enough evidence to prove that yet.

“Battlefield V” will be the successor to 2016’s “Battlefield 1” since “Battlefield 4” was released in 2013. The setting of the upcoming game still remains a mystery. However, it’s very likely for it to be set in the modern world because it is the direct follow-up to “Battlefield 4.” It could also be another period game if EA decides to follow the “Battlefield 1” path, according to DualShockers.