Beauty and the Beast 303 recap
Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) were targeted in "Beauty and the Beast" Season 3, episode 3. CW

Normal doesn’t come easy on “Beauty and the Beast.” Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) were trying to speed up their engagement in Season 3, episode 3 in hopes that they would make their life together less crazy. However, a quickie wedding combined with a couple of assassins only seemed to add more stress.

Episode 3 starts with Cat trying to plan a normal, romantic evening when Tess (Nina Lisandrello) calls and says no one saw Agent Thomas’ (Arnold Pinnock) shooter last week. She can’t do anything with a dead end, so when Vincent comes home, she tries to have a little alone time. It stops being sexy as soon as Vincent falls asleep while they’re kissing.

When Cat gets to her office the next day, she is told that she is off the Thomas case because the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is taking over. She is introduced to Carol (Natasha Henstridge) and Bob (Alan Van Sprang) and tries to get them to let her handle it. She can’t convince them to leave it alone. They say it’s personal because they knew Agent Thomas.

Her day gets better when she goes home. Vincent surprises her with a romantic rooftop dinner. She tells Vincent about her day and says that she won’t actually drop the case. She isn’t sure that Bob and Carol actually know what they’re dealing with, and they need to know what Thomas didn’t get a chance to tell them about the experiments.

Vincent tells her about something that might make life easier. They could have their wedding planned. Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) wants to give them her canceled wedding. They’d be married in six weeks, but Cat isn’t sure she wants to take over her sister’s wedding. After all, the sisters have very different tastes.

Someone trying to shoot them interrupts their attempt at a normal discussion. Vincent saves Catherine, but they aren’t sure where the bullet came from. They decide to move to Vincent’s houseboat until they can figure out who wants them dead.

Seeing as they can barely have a conversation without putting their lives at risk, Cat decides to take up Heather’s offer. “No pink, no lace and no frilly flowers,” Cat demands. She wants to get their wedding over with and find out what a normal life with Vincent looks like.

Elsewhere, JT (Austin Basis) worries that he could have powers. The victims of the experiment had the same serum in their bodies, so he has a checklist of things he was trying to see if her could do. He tells Tess that he just needs to know.

Tess wants JT to stop worrying, while Cat just makes Vincent more worried. Cat convinces her fiancé to illegally let her into the hospital room where Thomas was shot. They find a bullet hole in the TV and another one in the window behind it. The shooter was a sniper. Their investigation stops when Bob and Carol walked in and pointed their guns at them.

Bob and Carol quickly decide that they’ll work together instead of getting Cat and Vincent in trouble. They agree to work as a team and discover the DHS agents have been married for six years. The older agents even think the engaged couple is cute and that they could use some advice.

However, work comes first. They discover that the building the shooter was most likely on belongs to a drug kingpin, Julio Espinoza (Frank Falcone). Cat and Carol go undercover and get into his party and sneak onto his computer. Once they’re made, Carol tries to get Cat to leave without the information they came for. After taking out a few agents, Cat makes sure to get the flash drive they need.

They bring the flash drive to JT and the sniper was apparently watching. The gunman shot the drive while it was in JT’s hand. While JT went to the hospital, Bob and Carol told them that someone broke into their office. Cat thinks they should tell the agents the truth about the experiments, but Vincent isn’t so sure.

JT is at his place, trying to get Tess to help him. He realizes that the shots the shooter takes are from impossible angles because another bullet hits them. There are two shooters. At the same time, Cat discovers that Carol and Bob are not actually DHS agents. There are no agents with their names in the system.

Carol and Bob are already at Vincent’s houseboat. They put on their scuba gear and plant a bomb on the houseboat beforehand. Then they go on the boat for a double date with the couple they want to kill. It’s tense, to say the least.

They quickly start a confrontation that leads to a fight. Their skills make them tough to beat. Eventually, Bob and Carol just run away. Cat knows that it isn’t their wonderful fighting skills that sent them off. Vincent uses his powers to hear the bomb. He and Cat quickly jump into the ocean just as the houseboat explodes.

Bob and Carol were nowhere to be found and the wedding binder was destroyed. Cat thought the binder might be a sign. They can’t rush their wedding after all.

Elsewhere, Tess is able to make captain with Cat’s help. She arrests Espinoza on weapons charges, and she is able to use that as her letter of recommendation. When she calls JT to celebrate he says he feels totally fine. She mentions that his superpower might be healing. Sure enough, JT’s hand is totally fine underneath the bandage. Could it be because of the serum?

In one of the more normal moments of Cat’s life, the detective has a heart-to-heart with Heather, and Heather admits she is still heartbroken over her breakup while Cat says she can’t takeover her old wedding. Yet the scene isn’t as normal as it seems. While they’re talking, Bob aims a rifle at Cat from above. She doesn’t see, but Carol catches him before he can kill her.

“We might need her alive to help us catch him. … We can’t go back there empty handed,” Carol says. Who are they working for? It isn’t clear, but it’s definitely someone powerful.

“Beauty and the Beast” Season 3 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW. Who do you think Bob and Carol work for? Sound off in the comments section below!